Disgaea 6 – Squad Shop Guide

Disgaea 6 – Squad Shop Guide

You can do a lot of things passively in Disgaea 6. Ok, you can pretty much do EVERYTHING passively in Disgaea 6 (for better or worse), but some systems are intended to be used at all times. The Squad Shop is one such system, and neglecting it can slow your progress quite significantly.

If there is a system you think could be made better than it probably can at the Squad Shop. You plonk your characters in, they gain bonuses or grant bonuses, and then you reap all the rewards. It’s a great system to dabble around in, and planning the perfect squad for your team is always satisfying – if a bit overwhelming at times.

Using The Squad Shop

To use the Squad Shop all you have to do is go to Moonica, and assign characters to squads. That is it. You can upgrade your squads using Stored EXP, and you unlock new squads as you progress through the game. Come back often to check what has been added.

Innocent Farm Squad

The Innocent Farm Squad enhances your ability to use the Innocent Farm feature of the Item World. This is very important since Innocents can be used to enhance everything from EXP gain to stats.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Unlock the Innocent Farm
Level 2Innocent Farm Growth Rate +1%
Level 3Innocent Farm Capacity +1
Level 4Innocent Farm Growth Rate +2%
Level 5Innocent Farm Capacity +2
Level 6Innocent Farm Growth Rate +3%
Level 7Innocent Farm Capacity +3
Level 8Innocents are born subdued
Level 9Innocent birth rate +10%

Skill Training Squad

This is one of the many basic Squads that will help make it easier to grind in one way or another. The Skill Training Squad makes it so members can gain proficiency with their Skills faster.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1None
Level 2Skill EXP +10%
Level 3Skill EXP +10% and Squad limit +1
Level 4Skill EXP +10%
Level 5Skill EXP +10% and Squad limit +1
Level 6Skill EXP +10%
Level 7Members get 50% Skill EXP of squadmates

Boot Camp Squad

This squad allows you to rapidly level up characters you aren’t using in battle (or those that are in battle, but you want to level up faster). It works by granting a portion of the Squad Leaders EXP to all other members. Very handy.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Members get 10% of the EXP leader earns
Level 2Squad limit +1
Level 3EXP gained +5%
Level 4Squad limit +1
Level 5EXP gained +5%
Level 6Squad limit +1
Level 7Squad limit +1
Level 8Squad limit +1
Level 9Squad limit +2

Channelling Squad

Similar to Boot Camp Squad, Channelling Squad allows the leader of the Squad to share Mana with his squadmates.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Members get 10% of the Mana leader earns
Level 2Squad limit +1
Level 3EXP gained +20%
Level 4Squad limit +2
Level 5EXP gained +30%
Level 6Squad limit +3

Relief Party

This is a fairly underwhelming Squad that allows allies to heal over time whilst they are in the Base Panel. It likely won’t get used much.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Base Panel heals 1% HP per member
Level 2Squad limit +2
Level 3Base Panel cures ailments every turn
Level 4Squad limit +3
Level 5HP recovery rate +2%
Level 6Squad limit +5
Level 7HP recovery rate +3%
Level 8Base Panel heals 1% SP per member

Supply Depot

This Squad allows members to use items whilst still inside the Base Panel. This does have some uses once levelled up as it can make items more effective, but overall, it is very underwhelming.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Items can be used in the Base Panel (1 item per member)
Level 2Squad limit +1
Level 3Item potency +10%
Level 4Squad limit +1
Level 5Item potency +10%

Flatty Squad

This Squad is fairly good – it just requires the members of the squad to have a flat chest. We know how ridiculous that sounds, don’t worry.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Flat-chested member stats +2% per flat-chested member
Level 2Squad limit +1
Level 3Squad limit +1
Level 4Squad limit +1
Level 5Squad limit +2

Cyber Special Squad

This Squad increases Accuracy. It’s not great overall, but it can be handy if you are struggling to hit enemies because you aren’t quite at a high enough level. Upgraded, however, this Squad adds some pretty potent passive benefits worth considering.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Ally accuracy +1% per member
Level 2Enemy team attack rate -50%
Level 3Squad limit +1
Level 4Halve accuracy/damage flanking bonus vs allies
Level 5Squad limit +2
Level 6Make enemy AI visible
Level 7Squad limit +3
Level 8Doubles accuracy increase
Level 9Nullify flanking bonus vs allies

Prinny Squad

This Squad is mostly for laughs as it makes everyone in it a Prinny – sort of. Every member will explode when thrown, just like a Prinny. This is fairly powerful as effects go – even if it does result in your death. The real strength lies in its ability to combo with the Dark Assembly to grant substantial stat bonuses.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Treat members as Prinnies
Level 2Squad limit +2
Level 3Double member’s explosion range
Level 4Squad limit +3
Level 5Boost members’ stats by +30% on Prinny Day

Defensive Outpost Squad

Another way to gain EXP and Mana without having to do anything. Very useful for levelling up many characters at once. Just remember to take them out of the Squad if you want to use them in battle.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Stats -70%, gain +1% EXP/Mana earned when not in battle
Level 2Squad Limit +1
Level 3EXP/Mana gained +2%
Level 4Squad limit +2
Level 5EXP/Mana gained +2%

Dark Assembly Squad

This Squad is potentially useful due to the ability to manipulate the Dark Assembly, however, you can do that in other ways. Very early on you can just force every Proposal through by killing everyone, so this Squad becomes mostly useless.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Members become Senators
Level 2Squad Limit +2
Level 3Bribe efficacy x1.5
Level 4Squad Limit +4
Level 5Members have a 50% chance to attend
Level 6Squad limit +5
Level 7Halve the cost when using Pay Up
Level 8Squad limit +6
Level 9Members will always vote Aye

Research Support Unit

This Squad lets you send out passive Item World teams to level up your equipment. They will also level up as a side effect. This is a very powerful Squad worth investing in.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Research squad stats +2% per member
Level 2Squad limit +1
Level 3Item World Research Squads +2
Level 4Item/Innocent/Extract discovery rate +1% per member
Level 5Item World Research Squads +2
Level 6Squad limit +2
Level 7Double research speed
Level 8Item World Research Squads +3
Level 9Squad limit +3

Life Support Unit

This simply allows you to jump more when at the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld. Put someone in here and then forget about it.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1None
Level 2Enable double jump
Level 3None
Level 4Enable triple jump

Ability Squad

This Squad allows members to earn more Evilities when Super Reincarnating. This is super useful because even useless Evilities can be turned into Mana, or transformed into Scrolls to teach someone else the Evility. It also provides bonuses to your attack damage, which is a nice touch.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1None
Level 2Normal attack power +25%
Level 3Evilities earnable from Super Reincarnation +1
Level 4Normal attack power +25%
Level 5Normal attack power +25%
Level 6Evilities earnable from Super Reincarnation +1
Level 7Normal attack power +25%
Level 8Evilities earnable from Super Reincarnation +1
Level 9Evilities earnable from Super Reincarnation +1

Overlord’s Guard

This Squad makes it so members gain less EXP but have better growth. This is a great trade-off if you are already dancing on a level cap – not so great if you are trying to get to level 99,999,999.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Reduce EXP gain to 25%, growth rate +50%
Level 2Growth rate +10%
Level 3Growth rate +10%
Level 4Growth rate +10%
Level 5Growth rate +10%
Level 6Growth rate +10%
Level 7Growth rate +10%
Level 8Growth rate +20%
Level 9Growth rate +20%

Juice Bar Squad

This is one of the best Squads simply because the Juice Bar is so powerful. This Squad increases your Stock based on how many members you have assigned.

Squad LevelEffect
Level 1Boost Juice Bar Stock +1% per member
Level 2Squad limit +2
Level 3Squad limit +2
Level 4Squad limit +3
Level 5Squad limit +3
Level 6Double boost amount

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