Divinity Original Sin: Arhu’s Failed Experiment Side Quest Walkthrough

Divinity Original Sin: Arhu’s Failed Experiment Side Quest Walkthrough

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Divinity: Original Sin is one of the best turn-based RPGs ever made and has earned critical acclaim ever since its first release back in 2014, even earning a sequel. There are lots of things that make Divinity such a great game, but the primary feature is its fantastic storytelling and world-building.

You can encounter many quests throughout your adventure in Divinity: Original Sin, but one of your greatest challenges will be defeating the SparkMaster 5,000 in the "Arhu's Failed Experiment" mission. You may need a few tips to defeat this powerful enemy, especially if you're playing on one of the harder difficulties, so here's everything you need to know to tackle this task.

How To Unlock The "Arhu's Failed Experiment" Quest

"Arhu's Failed Experiment" is a side quest that you can start in two ways. The first method you can use for the mission is speaking to Arhu inside the Legion HQ in Cyseal after joining The Fabulous Five. The second possible way to unlock this mission is by talking to Visco on the northeast side of Cyseal. Arhu will give you the SparkMaster 5,000 Universal Controller after speaking to him.

How To Complete The "Arhu's Failed Experiment" Quest

There are multiple steps to finishing "Arhu's Failed Experiment," so below you'll find a guide detailing each of them in the order you need to complete them in.

Travel To The Rank Tunnel

Upon speaking Arhu or Visco, you'll find out the location of a cave with the SparkMaster 5,000. Follow your quest marker out of Cyseal and to the Rank Tunnel. Upon entering, you'll encounter a robot named SparkMaster 5,000, which you need to defeat to progress. Visco will also approach you, and three soldiers will help you fight the robot.

(Optional) Blow Up The SparkMaster 5,000

The easiest way to defeat the SparkMaster 5,000 is by using the SparkMaster 5,000 Universal Controller that Arhu gives you if you speak to him regarding the failed experiment. If you have it, then you can use it to immediately make the SparkMaster 5,000 self-destruct.

You need to use the (Happy, Happy, Happy) option, followed by the (Angry, Angry, Sleepy) option when interacting with the controller for it to blow up. If you choose to blow up the SparkMaster 5,000, then you won't gain any XP from the robot.

If you want to earn XP from the SparkMaster 5,000, then you need to defeat it in combat. This will also be the only way to finish "Arhu's Failed Experiment" if you didn't pick up the controller from Arhu.

Defeat The SparkMaster 5,000

Visco's men will aid you in the fight against the SparkMaster 5,000, and you earn more XP for each of the men that are alive after the fight, of which there are three in total. If every soldier dies during the fight, then the "Arhu's Failed Experiment" mission will fail.

The fight is fairly easy if you're playing on Classic Mode, as the SparkMaster 5,000 has a weakness to lightning. However, lightning will also charge the robot up. Once the robot is full of charge, you need to activate the three nearby levers so that the SparkMaster 5,000 will use the charge. The SparkMaster 5,000 also primarily uses lightning attacks, so it's good to have some defense against this kind of magic.

You'll also have to deal with two Undead Mages, which will fire magical attacks at you during their turn. The mages will charge the SparkMaster 5,000 during their turn as well, and if you don't activate the three levers in the room, the robot will use its Ultrabolt attack. As such, prioritize defeating the Undead Mages before attacking the SparkMaster 5,000.

If you're playing Divinity: Original Sin on Tactician mode or Honor mode, then there will be a few differences. First, the SparkMaster 5,000 will fire a barrage of missiles that deal fire damage. When the robot fires this attack, the missiles will wait one turn until they hit their target. You should bring some form of fire protection to defend against the missiles.

However, the primary threat on Tactician or Honor difficulty are the two Undead Mages that will now sit behind the SparkMaster 5,000, so they're harder to attack. Since the Undead Mages will now be in the back, you have to prioritize defeating them even more urgently.

After defeating both the SparkMaster 5,000 and the Undead Mages, you'll earn up to 1575 XP, and you can travel to Cyseal to finish the "Arhu's Failed Experiment" quest.

Talk To Viscous

After defeating the SparkMaster 5,000 with at least one of Visco's men surviving the battle, you can travel to the Legion HQ in Cyseal and enter the prison area, where you'll encounter Viscous. Tell Viscous of your victory, and the "Arhu's Failed Experiment" quest will end, earning you 1,800 XP. You can also convince Viscous to open the nearby treasure room if you win a rock-paper-scissors mini-game against him.

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