Don’t Worry, You Can Reprint Your Mario Kart Live Gates

Don’t Worry, You Can Reprint Your Mario Kart Live Gates

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is now available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike other games in the franchise, you’ll be building your own tracks in real life. Of course, you’ll need to use four special gates for the game to work, but what happens if they get ruined by your pets or someone stepping on them? Nintendo says, don’t worry, you can reprint your Mario Kart Live gates.

The gates aren’t particularly flimsy on their own, but when you mix toys, pets, and children (even grown-up ones) things can get broken or lost. We’ve all played a board game with makeshift pieces because something got lost. For a game that requires you to use certain pieces for it to work, however, the inevitability of lost or broken pieces can be the source of a lot of anxiety.

Luckily, Nintendo took that into account when they came up with the idea of Mario Kart Live. This official website has the exact markers that you need if you find yourself without one of the ones that come in the kit. The software in Mario’s RC car will be able to read them and you’ll be off to the races in no time.

Of course, you’ll need to find a way to put them up to build your optimal track, but you can view this as an opportunity to be creative with your designs.

Ultimately, that’s what the game is about, isn’t it? Unleashing your creativity by asking you to take a look at your physical world and build a virtual race track. The game forces you to view your surroundings from a different perspective—in a quite literal sense, seeing as the camera is mere inches from the ground.

This same concept is why games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing: New Horizons so popular. You are limited only by your imagination and can go as far as incorporating other games into the one that you’re playing—which is what one Animal Crossing player did when they built their own Silent Hill for Halloween. As long as you’ve got your Switch and your RC car, you can let your imagination run wild—and we appreciate Nintendo for making sure that’s the case.

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