Dr Disrespect Says Modern Warfare 2’s Upcoming DMZ Mode Is "Already Dead"

Dr Disrespect Says Modern Warfare 2’s Upcoming DMZ Mode Is "Already Dead"

Dr Disrespect, one of the biggest streamers currently playing Modern Warfare 2, had some pretty harsh words for the game's new DMZ mode, claiming that it is "already dead" and that no one wants to play its "6th grade design".

Earlier this week, select streamers debuted gameplay for DMZ, a new "narrative-focused" extraction mode coming to Modern Warfare 2 that resembles Escape From Tarkov and is launching as a beta on November 16. The mode has seen some pretty mixed reception so far, with some notable streamers already calling the mode out.

Dr Disrespect is one such streamer. Following the DMZ gameplay reveals, the doctor shared his opinions over on Twitter and they're not very positive, calling the mode "dead" and then listing out all of the reasons that he expects it to fail.

Dr Disrespect said, "That new gimmicky DMZ mode is already dead. Nobody wants to play that 6th grade design". When fellow streamer Lupo seemed to question his viewpoint, Disrespect followed up with, "Cmon Lupo, if MW2019, Warzone Caldera, no (Capture the Flag) in mp, 8 maps, no footstep audio, no ranked playlist, sbmm, killing 40 ai’s, 100 million dollar marketing budget is any indication along with what I’ve seen….. it has no chance after week 1."

In that tweet, the doctor is referencing some of the biggest issues that have plagued Modern Warfare 2 since it launched, including its lack of modes and maps, no ranked playlists, and bigger issues like skill-based matchmaking. Although these aren't necessarily related to DMZ, it does show how the issues have worn some players down.

Although Dr Disrespect is the biggest streamer so far to give such a negative opinion, he's not the only one with some reservations on the mode. As reported by Dexerto, Shroud also seemed pretty disappointed with DMZ, saying on-stream, "This is pretty much a touched-up Plunder,” shroud said on stream. “I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping it’d be more gritty, a little more hardcore. It seems to be… well, CoD."

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