Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Sera

Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Sera

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a game full of quests, opportunities to explore, and fun side missions with great storylines. With the story featuring so much player agency, it makes sense that you can choose your character’s romantic partner too. There are plenty of options and characters to choose from and there are various steps you’ll need to follow in order to woo each one.

Dragon Age has always been known for its LGBTQ+ representation and Inquisition is no different. One of the romance options, Sera, is only available if you decide to play as a female. Your chances with her are slightly more significant if you decide to play as a Qunari or a Dwarf, but the romance options are still there for all other races too!

Meeting Sera And Inviting Her Into The Inquisition

You first meet Sera after following the A Friend Of Red Jenny quest. This appears following the altercation in Val Royeaux; there’ll be an arrow pointed out by Cassandra. Pick this up and you’ll find a note attached to it, allowing you to pick up the mission. You’ll need to locate the items that have been hidden around the city, but using the map and your search key will allow you to find them easily.

Once you’ve found the location, travel there and play through as normal; you’ll meet Sera not too far into it. She’ll have varying reactions to you depending on your race but she’s easy to win over either way.

She’ll want to join the Inquisition and you’ll need to accept her request.

Once she’s a member of the inquisition, you’ll want to head to the tavern to talk to her. After the conversation gets going you’ll want to select the dialogue option “you think it should be easy” and then “I think I’ll like you too” to flirt with her and boost your approval. If you want to get off on the right foot early on, you can then linger around after the initial conversation and ask her about herself. A key to the romance with Sera is to get her to talk about her thoughts, feelings, history, and opinions.

The next time you speak to her will be in Skyhold. Pick any dialogue option (unless you’re an elf character, in which case be sure to avoid “Adraste? Not even an Elven God?”) and this will prompt two potential romance dialogue options that you’ll want to select: “Thanks for the ‘pretty’ part.” and “I hope there’s more you want.

Playing Pranks And Building Trust

After you’ve completed The Vierchiel March quest you can play pranks with Sera. You’ll need an approval rating of at least 35 but that’s easily obtained if you’ve followed the previous advice. There’ll be the option “time with you sounds like fun,” and this builds Sera’s approval even more.

Again, like before, the key is to agree to what Sera wants to do and go along with her pranks. When you’re caught, select the “run” option, and once you’ve reached safety with Sera, select the “anything to keep us inspired” dialogue.

Once your approval is high enough, you’ll be able to tell Sera you’re interested in her; she’ll agree and you can invite her up to your chambers. From there on, there are plenty of options to flirt with her — such as attempting to get her to change her mind on your pet name, and you can even kiss her as you please.

If you talk to Sera again, she’ll ask you to go somewhere alone with her. You’ll want to pick the option “I’m ready for anything.” The two of you will then move out and sit on the roof with cookies; you can carry on the conversation as you please from there and she’ll open up a little more about her past and her upbringing. Again, there are several dialogue options here. But as long as you aren’t outright rude to her then her approval is easy to gain.

Buying Gifts And Making It ‘Official’

Sera then buys you a hat which will have you worrying about returning the favor. You’ll have to ask the rest of your companions’ opinions on what to get her in return. You still won’t be able to pick a gift for her, so head to her chambers anyway. You’ll tell Sera about how you asked all of your companions and still weren’t sure what to get her, and she’ll be thrilled that you told everyone about the two of you being romantically linked. This spurs on the romance scene and solidifies your relationship with Sera!

From there on out, there will be a few more romance options that crop up organically throughout the game, but your romance with Sera should be set unless you choose to end it.

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