Dragon Quest Treasures: 8 Best Side Characters From The Game

Dragon Quest Treasures: 8 Best Side Characters From The Game

In Dragon Quest Treasures, a young Mia and Erik from Dragon Quest 11 are whisked away to the mysterious Draconia where monsters and pirates rule. The Dragon Quest series has always been known for its iconic monsters and amazing designs, so the side characters in a game about said monsters can’t be anything but wonderful.

They’re all uniquely cute and charming, from the humble Oozabella, to the giant Mr. B. Rix. When the competition is so close, it’s always hard to pick favorites but either way, the grand treasure of Dragon Quest Treasures is truly meeting all these fresh faces.

8/8 Mr. Muddimer

For a Muddy hand, Mr. Muddimer sure does have a smooth Scottish accent. He’s in charge of keeping your monsters in line over at the barracks and organizes expeditions for your gang too. And, if you’ve decided to excommunicate or honorably discharge a monster, Mr Muddimer is there with a soft but firm hand to shove them out the door.

Though his gray pallor may make you wonder if he’s a Hardy hand instead, nope he’s just a gray muddy hand with a blue bandana for flair.

7/8 Bonnie And Gustav

This privateer and buccaneer duo are the right and left hands of your greatest treasure-hunting rival, and the game’s villains, the Thunderous Plunderers. Are these two related? Who can say? But they surely have great hair. If you want to take a shot at the pirate king, Long John Silverbones, you’ll need to fend off the sisterly Bonnie and the mysterious Gustav in a pair of monster matches.

In both of their teams they sport the inseparable duo: Shady & Shambles, but Bonnie also has a Gigantes named Billy and Gustav controls a Wight King. After that, it turns out that they’re not especially bad, they just really love treasures.

6/8 Mr. Euston

A Restless Armour dressed like a train conductor, how charming! Mr. Euston’s grand dream is to save the Trans-Draconic Railway Company from going under. With your help the ruined railways will be reborn, and this dapper gentleman and his Restless Armour retinue will rejoice.

Mr. Euston and his employees are all quite polite. They salute at every opportunity and every time you appraise your treasures, Mr. Euston is there with a greeting and anticipation for what you’ve unearthed.

5/8 Miss Cecily

Miss Cecily is another one of the colorful Trans-Draconian Railway Company employees. This pretty, pink Restless Armour is the head of personnel on your private island.

She’s considerate, organized and helps transform your quiet island into a busy village. For a fee, she can hire monsters that are eager to join your gang. And without her, you wouldn’t have the store, workshop, or the canteen, so it's safe to say that even if she isn't your favorite side character, she’s surely a credit to your team.

4/8 Purrsula And Porcus

These two fairy friends each accompany one of the game’s main leads. Purrsula the bat-cat chooses Erik and Porcus the dragonfly-pig chooses Mia. They’re on a mission given by the gods to find the seven Dragonstones, but they quickly become more like guardians for the two orphan protagonists.

They’re essentially like Link’s Navi, giving advice or guidance to the wayward children. As the story goes on, they all become close friends, and once Silverbones has been bested and the treasure has been found, their friendship culminates in a teary finale.

3/8 Long John Silverbones

The captain of the Thunderous Plunderers and a rapscallion who speaks in a pleasant patois. When we first meet the scourge of the sky, he’s firing Admiral Mogsworth and cutting all ties. “Yer nine lives are up and yer dead to me, Mogsworth”, he says. But if not for that, he seems to take good care of his crew.

You see, this when he trusts Bonnie to keep hold of the Amethyst Fang. But he’s still a bony bad guy, and once you’ve collected the seven Dragonstones, you’ll have to go up against him and his gang of goons.

2/8 Oozabella

Most Dragon Quest monsters don’t talk, and the ones that do are rarely voiced too. Oozabella is one of those rare slimes who talks, constantly. While you’re out adventuring, she’ll chime in saying, “What slime is it?” Or “I’m jelly happy!”.

She’s the first monster that Mia recruits in order to escape her jail cell, and she's also the series’ very first Cutie Slime who’s just that, cute. It’s just a shame she isn’t more powerful, as keeping her on your team indefinitely is truly tempting.

1/8 Shady And Shambles

This pair of glam punk pirates work as lower-level goons for Silverbones. Shady, the shadow and Shambles, the Sham hatwitch are rebellious rogues, but they’re not especially bright, as they seem to be constantly duping themselves out of their own treasure.

At least they’re true to their word and will reward you if you manage to foil their pernicious plot to fill the world with balloons. So at the end of the day they’re all bark and no bite, but their dubious-duo dynamic is surprisingly cute, and it’s hard not to be charmed by these tricksters.

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