Dragon Quest Treasures: Everything You Need To Know About Fortes

Dragon Quest Treasures: Everything You Need To Know About Fortes

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While collecting monsters remains the main focus of Dragon Quest Treasures, you'll need to travel around the islands to find monsters and treasures. To make your navigation as seamless as possible, you'll want to utilize the various Fortes available in the game. Each has different benefits and abilities to help you find monsters, explore, and discover treasure.

Doing so means understanding what your monsters offer, since they specialize in different Fortes. You may even have questions about the Fortes, what they do, and when you should bring a monster with that ability, so read on to learn about the options available.

What Are Fortes?

Fortes are the special abilities Erik and Mia can use. Most of them come from monsters, but Erik and Mia also have an ability called the Fortune Finder. To use Fortes, you must hold down L and press the corresponding face button. Some of your Fortes vary based on the monsters you put in your party.

Fortes focus on helping you explore the area, find items, and make your way past enemies. However, you can only equip three simultaneously. As such, you'll have to plan which Fortes you want to bring and select your monsters accordingly, so you don't leave behind any you need.

Fortes Explained, And When To Use Them

Since you can only bring three monster Fortes at a time, how do you know which ones to bring? As you understand what they offer and think about what you want to do, you'll have the best Fortes on hand for your situation.

Fortune Finder

Fortune Finder refers to an ability Erik and Mia permanently have. It allows them to search for secrets in the area, such as finding Treasure to put in the Vault. While it won't let them find chests around the islands, they'll find plenty of valuable items to establish them as treasure hunters.

The ability is tied to the Dragon Daggers they get at the start of the game. Even though it doesn't help with monsters or traveling, you'll progress through the story and find everything Dragon Quest Treasures offers.

Don't use Fortune Finder all the time. Instead, wait for your monsters to have a treasure chest appear above their heads. Once they do, you can use Fortune Finder to determine the general direction. After you get close enough, you'll get some pictures to help you find the exact location.


Launch is an ability you'll get as soon as you gain your first monster, Oozabella. It allows you to hop off one of your monsters, sending you into the air to reach higher areas you couldn't access before. For example, you'll see some chests you can't usually reach, but Launch will make it easier for you.

Generally speaking, you should always have Launch with your party, so you don't find it challenging to reach different areas. Otherwise, you'll find it hard to get to different treasure chests, you'll need to take the longer paths, and you'll make platforming challenging.


While Launch assists you with vertical distance, you can use Glide to help you with horizontal obstacles. On top of that, you can use Glide in gusts of wind to cover larger distances and reach high heights or hard-to-reach areas on each island.

While you can use Glide with the wind, you can also use it as a general navigation tool. Since it helps you with larger gaps, you'll want Glide on your team unless you need another option, like Stealth or Sprint.


This Forte lets you hop on a monster's back, have them search the area, and identify the various materials and chests near you. They'll appear as yellow silhouettes on the screen, making them easy to see. You can then look for all the chests in the area or focus on collecting more items for recruiting and crafting.

Scan works great when you visit an area for the first time, as you can use it to figure out where everything spawns while looking for different treasures. You may not use it much after you've collected everything, but it remains an invaluable tool you should always consider.


Sometimes, you may want to access areas without running into monsters. Stealth helps you hide, so enemies don't see you, but if you get too close, they will notice you. You can also use Stealth to duck underneath small spaces too short to crouch under.

You may not equip Stealth often, but it can be great for new areas. You can use Stealth to get past strong monsters that would otherwise defeat you, causing you to lose treasure or Bric-a-Bracs.


Sprint allows you to ride on an animal and run across the land at quicker speeds. You don't need it to access areas, but it can help you travel across the large islands throughout the land, especially if you want to focus on quests over monsters or items.

Sprinting comes down to preference. Some people won't want to play the game without it, while others may prefer other Fortes since they plan to focus on exploring.

A Comprehensive List Of Monster Fortes

This list will help you see which monsters offer which Fortes, so you can plan which to add to your party — allowing you to have your favorite abilities available as you travel the different islands

Forte Type

List Of Monsters


Slime, She Slime, Marble Slime, Cutie Slime, Metal Slime, King Slime, King She-Slime, Queen Slime, Golem, Glacial Golem, Glyphic Golem, Gold Golem, Ruby Golem, and Mogster


Dracky, Drackolyte, Drackyma, Tundracky, Dread Dracky, Amber Dracky, Hades Condor, Elysium Bird, Styx Raptor, Valhalla Vulture, Dune Stalker, Hunter Mech, Killing Machine, Heartless Hunter, Elys, and Onyxterminator


Orc, Orc Chieftain, Orc King, Orc Queen, Hoodlum, Cyber Bully, Steam Punk, Gigantes, Magmantes, Golden Goliath, Loss Leader, Red Giant, and Ultra Marine


Shadow, Umbra, Silhouette, Muddy Hand, Greasy Palm, Soggy Hand, Grotty Hand, Hardy Hand, Shadow Minister, Wight Prince, Wight King, and Pearly Wight


Restless Armor, Deserted Armor, Lethal Armor, Tanzaknight, Great Sabrecat, Silver Sabrecat, Dark Sabrecat, Stormy Sabrecat, Sham Hatwitch, Ham Shamwitch, Hat Hamwitch, and Sham Hamwitch

You can get each Forte early in the game, so you won't find yourself without access to them. If you want to access them as soon as possible, go for the She Slime, Dracky, Orc, Shadow, and Restless Armour monsters.

Ensure you keep track of each monster's abilities, so you'll know what you can use while you continue your adventure. That way, you'll make the most of your experience and seek all the treasure and monsters during your journey.

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