Dragon’s Dogma: Nameless Terror Quest Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma: Nameless Terror Quest Walkthrough

Nameless Terror is an optional side quest in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen that sees you lead your Arisen and their pawns across the map and into the territory of several ambushes from a mysterious band of assassins.

This multiple encounter quest becomes available after you start the mid-game quest Come To Court and can be picked up at the south gate of Gran Soren from Ser Rickert.

The guard gives you the word of a person asking about your whereabouts, and also of the grave risk of an ambush on your journey. Of course, if you want to complete the quest you will have to either run into these encounters on other business or seek them out purposefully – and it can prove frustrating to do that without knowing where the ambushes will happen.

The Ambushes

There are five assassin encounters to seek out, and they only happen at night. At each stop, your goal is to kill the different unique members of the Nameless Men, all with a nickname like Phantom or Rouge, who introduce themselves with mystically threatening poetry.

At each encounter, one to four of the assassins appear, and a red ring will appear on the map indicating the ambush zone, which will disappear once they are dispatched. The first four encounters can be experienced in any order, and lead to the end stage of the quest – an ambush by the group's leader.

The locations of each are as listed and detailed below, from North to South, towards the final encounter:

Phantom, Ghost, Soul, SpiritsDeos Hills
Raven, Hawk, CondorEstan Plains
DarknessMoonsbit Pass
Rouge, NoirManamia Trail
Zero (final boss)Cassardis (gate)

Phantom, Ghost, Soul And Spirits

You will find this encounter north of the city of Gran Soren, over the bridge from the Estan Plains, and up a little into the Deos Hills. Four of the assassins appear here near the Old Garrison and can be taken out in quick succession.

This encounter is not to be mistaken with the ambush of goblins that appears on the bridge itself, if approaching from the south, nor the simultaneous appearance of the skeletons in the area.

Raven, Hawk And Condor

This encounter is found after passing the Miner's Hut on approach to the northern entrance of The Ancient Quarry in the Estan Plains.

Two of the Nameless Men that appear here favor quick, close-quarters attacks and may require more pushback than others encountered so far.

They are joined by a sorcerer who might stand a little distance away, so make sure to check further towards the edges of the red ring area if you can't locate the spell caster.


The location of this ambush by one assassin is the most varied of the encounters in terms of spawn location. It can appear anywhere in the main route of Moonsbit Pass, between the harpie-covered plateau to the south, to the goblin-guarded gate that leads you out of the cavern towards Gran Soren, with the Mountain Cottage in between a possibility too.

Darkness may not appear for some players, however, you should still be able to complete the quest without even defeating Darkness by moving on to the next encounter. If you do so, Darkness may still appear as you pass through Moonsbit Pass later on in the game.

Rouge And Noir

Appearing on the trail between Encampment and The Mountain Waycastle, these assassins appear at the bend in the road north of the Abandoned Storehouse.


In the final encounter of the quest, Zero will appear just outside the gate to Cassardis once the other Nameless Men are defeated. His appearance is accompanied by a longer self-introduction.

Kill Zero in order to complete Nameless Terror and rid yourself of the threat from the assassins and earn some experience, gold, and a letter that explains the assassins' motives.

If you cut Zero down before he finishes his speech, a minor glitch may occur where the quest doesn't finish, requiring you to enter and exit Cassardis to trigger the quest's completion.

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