Dungeons & Dragons – 4 Strongest Magic Items in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Dungeons & Dragons – 4 Strongest Magic Items in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

In Dungeons & Dragons, a significant portion of a character's capabilities are determined by factors such as their class, subclass, and spells. However, there's nothing quite like a powerful magic item. Magic items are synonymous with D&D, coming in all shapes and sizaes and offering effects that range from mundane to reality-warping, offering characters capabilities that they wouldn't have otherwise.

With Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, Dungeons Masters now have access to several powerful new magic items they can include in their campaigns that were specifically designed for this new adventure module, regardless of if their campaign is on Krynn or Theros. So we're going to examine the powerful new magic items introduced in Dragonlance, and see which are the strongest!

4/4 Kagonesti Forest Shroud

A cloak of autumnal leave, the Kagonesti Forest Shroud is a great Wondrous Item that can benefit characters of nearly any class while functioning particularly well in the hands of a Rogue or Ranger.

A rare item that requires attunement, as long as you're attuned to this item, you gain advantage on all stealth checks, making Dexterity-based characters all the more reliable at performing actions while undetected. While consistent advantage when using a valuable skill is already a great asset, once per day, this Shroud allows you to teleport up to thirty feet as a bonus action.

Not only is this a great and flexible mobility option that can be used to maneuver out of tricky situations in a pinch, but, once used, the next attack the attuned creature makes is made at advantage. While not quite as game-breaking as other magic items that appear in D&D, this is a great item that can help improve the reliability and flexibility of nearly any character.

3/4 Dragonlance

Though previously featured in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, it's only fitting that Dragonlances appear within their namesake adventure module as well.

Dragonlances are stellar legendary weapons that appear as either lances or pikes, offering a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls. While this +3 bonus significantly boosts their consistency, their primary appeal is their ability to help reliably slay dragons.

This is because whenever a Dragon is dealt damage by a Dragonlance, they sustain an additional 3d6 force damage. This means that, when in the hands of a character of a class capable of making a sizable number of attacks in a single turn such as a Fighter or a Gloomstalker Ranger, this damage can add up quite quickly.

Moreover, this weapon is a great addition to any campaign that features a sizable number of antagonistic and allied dragons alike, as when you hit a Dragon with this lance, you can grant another dragon the ability to use its reaction to make a weapon attack. This means that if the party has teamed up with a metallic dragon to take down a chromatic dragon, the wielder of a Dragonlance can grant their draconic ally's superior action economy!

2/4 Flying Citadel Helm

Reminiscent of the Spelljamming Helms introduced in Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, a Flying Citadel Helm is an ornate chair that allows an attuned creature to pilot a Flying Citadel. As the name would suggest, a Flying Citadel is a massive airborne castle that can be found within the Dragonlance setting.

With many rules comparable to Spelljamming Helms, a Flying Citadel Helm allows an attuned creature sitting on it to move the citadel up to eight feet per round or see and/or hear from the highest point of the Citadel, allowing them to act as both pilot and lookout. As a very rare item, it's safe to say that Flying Citadel Helms (and Flying Citadels themselves) are rather hard to come by they can provide a party access to perhaps the most impressive form of a mobile base of operations to any party that can manage to obtain one. While it may not provide the immediate combat benefits of a Kagonesti Forest Shroud or a Dragonlance, few items can allow your party to live in a flying castle.

1/4 Mirror of Reflected Past

Perhaps the most unique magic item introduced in Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the Mirror of Reflected Past is a Very Rare Wondrous item that can be used by a party to control a battlefield, or by a Dungeon Master using it as a highly dangerous trap in the hands of a campaign's antagonist.

A three-foot-tall mirror, those that look directly at this item are shown idealized retellings of their own past. Though not always active, if an attuned creature activates this mirror, if a creature sees its reflection within it, it must make a Wisdom-saving throw. If that creature fails this saving throw, they become paralyzed, as they watch events from their past in an overly optimistic and idealized manner.

Not only can this help mitigate and control threats in battle, but it offers an incredibly interesting storytelling device that can be used to showcase the backstories of player characters, NPCs, and antagonists alike, as nearby observers can see the images within the mirror as long as they don't look directly at it.

The Mirror of Reflected Past serves as a uniquely beneficial item as it can simultaneously prevent your foes from causing you harm whilst offering insights into the lives and natures of those who fail its saving throw.

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