Dynasty Warriors’ New Movie Trailer Is Even More Bonkers Than The Last One

Dynasty Warriors’ New Movie Trailer Is Even More Bonkers Than The Last One

Sadly, there’s no word yet on an English translation for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors movie that’s set to release in China at the end of April. But we are getting tantalizing looks at this insane action film thanks to trailers, and the latest one might as well be for Dynasty Warriors 10.

It’s even shorter than the last trailer but these 52 seconds are packed with even more Dynasty Warriors. Every swipe of a sword, swing of a guandao, or twirl of a poleaxe releases a colorful spark, a wall of wind, or a flaming inferno that looks exactly like something you’d get from the Dynasty Warriors video games.

Combined with the very Dynasty Warriors-style guitar licks, and this is basically the most faithful movie adaptation of a video game we’ve ever seen.

The film is being jointly produced by Koei Tecmo (the makers of Dynasty Warriors) as well as HMV Digital China Group. It stars Tony Yang as Liu Bei, Geng Han as Guan Yu, Justin Cheung as Zhang Fei, and Louis Koo as Lu Bu. Just like the video games, the story will follow the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and feature massive fight scenes against thousands of enemy soldiers.

Dynasty Warriors was originally going to release back in 2019, but COVID-related delays pushed it back to 2021. The delay seems to have been a wise choice since it allowed the production company to keep piling in special effects so that each trailer looks more and more like a Dynasty Warriors game.

I’m really hoping that Dynasty Warriors gets an English translation at some point, even if it’s just subtitled.

In other movie news, the Mortal Kombat movie remake has been pushed back once again, although only by a week. No reason was given for the week delay, but it seems likely that the theater industry is giving themselves as much time as they can to ensure moviegoers are as vaccinated as possible.

Although, you can watch the new Mortal Kombat movie on HBO Max if you still haven’t gotten your shot.

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