E3’s Greatest Reveal Was Kevin Hart Leaving Randy Pitchford Hanging

E3’s Greatest Reveal Was Kevin Hart Leaving Randy Pitchford Hanging

We got next to nothing in the way of news for the Borderlands movie during the Gearbox Showcase. CEO Randy Pitchford just kind of wandered about the set in between trailers for 30 minutes, interviewing big names we already knew were attached to the project.

Perhaps E3 did deliver in some way though because, for a brief moment, we all laughed together in collective glee as Kevin Hart’s big E3 reveal was that he was not interested in returning Pitchford’s high five. Me either.

He’s already found himself at the butt of a new joke, and now Pitchford’s denial is E3’s greatest highlight. Anyway, I present to you Pitchford’s awkward denial. Good for you, Kevin.

Anyway, outside of that bit of gold, there wasn’t much to talk about from the actual Gearbox presser. The Borderlands movie had its blurred set moments, Homeworld 3 got a reminder that it’s still there, and we were left hanging on any more details for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Tribes of Midgard did debut another trailer, but the release date news was something we’d already found out a few days ago.

Arguably, the biggest news from the show was that Godfall is still hanging in there.  The once PS5 exclusive will now receive a PS4 version, which will sport crossplay and matchmaking capabilities. Gearbox will also publish a new expansion, Fire & Darkness, on August 10, and a free content update under the name of Lightbringer is also on the way.

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