EA Has Reportedly Suggested "Healing Circles" For Staff Concerned Over Abortion Rights

EA Has Reportedly Suggested "Healing Circles" For Staff Concerned Over Abortion Rights

A new report has suggested that EA is refusing to speak out on issues such as Roe v. Wade and trans rights as it claims “being an inclusive company means being inclusive of all those points of view.”

In a new report from Kotaku, several employees have allegedly called on EA to make public statements regarding trans rights and the recent Roe v. Wade scandal during a town hall meeting with company leadership earlier this week. In response, Chief People Officer Mala Singh has apparently claimed that EA will only make public statements if it thinks they will "actually have a positive impact" share a "consistent perspective" amongst all of its global employees.

One of the more bizarre parts of Kotaku's report is that Singh allegedly suggested that employees concerned or angered over current events like Roe v. Wade or topics such as trans rights should attend "healing circles" to "join and process" their emotions with one another. Singh doesn't quite go into what these "healing circles" actually are, but it's difficult to imagine they're anything other than Slack channels that employees can vent in.

EA has responded to Kotaku's report, claiming that it attempts "to create an environment where our employees can talk about complex issues in our world today." In regards to why it won't make public statements on either Roe v. Wade or trans rights, EA's corporate communications director Lacey Haines has explained that the publisher is "focused on the ways we can support our people around the world as their employer." However, Haines also reveals that EA will provide healthcare benefits to those who can't access them locally.

EA isn't the only publisher out there that has refused to make public statements on these issues, as PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reportedly told his employees to "respect differences of opinion" in a recent email.

Other companies like Microsoft, Bungie, and Double Fine have all pledged support for women since the Supreme Court's plan to overturn Roe v. Wade was revealed, although these companies still seem to be in the minority at the moment.

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