Early Version Of Minecraft Thought To Be Lost Has Been Found After Ten Years

Early Version Of Minecraft Thought To Be Lost Has Been Found After Ten Years

Since being released back in 2009, Minecraft has had many different versions. But if you’re not aware, there was one version in particular that was only available for download for three hours and twenty-five minutes back in 2010, which was Alpha 1.1.1. In an entirely unexpected turn of events, Twitter user Luna has uncovered this version (thanks, Kotaku) which was thought to be lost for all of time.

She posted an entire thread about her journey with Minecraft over the years. She’s been an avid player since the beginning. Because of this, a group dedicated to the archiving of all the different versions of Minecraft, Omniarchive, discovered an old tweet from her talking about a new Minecraft update on the day of the one they have been searching for. After this, they’d been trying to contact her to see if she by chance had this long lost version.

Alpha 1.1.1 was only available for such a short time because it had a bug that would turn the player’s entire screen grey, so this version was quickly replaced with Alpha 1.1.2. However, since Luna was so into Minecraft, Omniarchive thought perhaps that she would have been one of the people who’d downloaded Alpha 1.1.1, and that it was possible she still had it today.

Luna describes the experience of booting up her old PC, looking through files, and then finally looking on her old external USB hard drive to find it. Lo and behold, she located a file that has a date stamp with the exact date that version came out, and it turned out to be exactly what they were looking for. Once she posted this into the Discord server, it exploded into excitement. Alpha 1.1.1 has officially been archived.

It’s amazing when we see old files like this being uncovered so many years later. It seems like we should all just stop deleting old files for games when possible, because you never know when they could become invaluable far in the future.

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