Elden Ring: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Erdtree

Elden Ring: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Erdtree

The Erdtree is the prodigious golden tree and the focal point of Elden Ring's lore. It is the most prominent scenery when you first venture out into the Lands Between, and reaching it to repair the Elden Ring is the game's main quest.

While some of the lore about the Erdtree is given in cinematics and dialogue, true to FromSoftware's tradition in their other Souls games, much of the lore about the Erdtree is scattered among various items. It is easy to miss what the Erdtree represents and its greater importance to the game's narrative if you have not found all the items related to it, with some items not ever directly referencing the tree.

1 There Was A Tree Before The Erdtree

One of the most important things to know about the Erdtree is that it was not always present in the Lands Between. On the contrary, the Erdtree is relatively new compared to many entities in the game. Before the Erdtree was the Crucible, the primordial form of the Erdtree that gave life to many flora and fauna in the Lands Between.

While it is not specifically stated when the Erdtree grew from the Crucible, it is evident when looking at the Erdtree up close that there are parts that look more like a regular tree, which from items like the root resin found in catacomb dungeons, that a Greattree and the Erdtree were connected. This explains why parts of the Erdtree have a more natural look.

2 Worship Of The Erdtree Wasn't Always Voluntary

Between the time of the Crucible and the Erdtree, it is shown that several other races and cultures existed. Once Queen Marika and Godfrey established the Golden Order, however, these cultures were forced to convert to the Golden Order and follow the guidance of the Greater Will. The Protection Of The Erdtree incantation states this, saying that it was through war that the Erdtree became the symbol of order.

Creatures that did not conform to the Golden Order's ideals, whether culturally or physically, were exiled, enslaved, or killed. Examples of these are the Fire Giants, who were killed in a war with the Golden Order until only one remained, and the Misbegotten, who are enslaved by the people of the Lands Between.

3 Erdtree Replaced Previous Burial Ceremonies

Before Marika and the Erdtree, it is stated that several other cultures existed. Two examples of past traditions were the burning of the dead by the Death Rite Birds and Ancestral Worship.

The Death Rite Birds are stated to have been "graveyard fire keepers" prior to the Erdtree, though there is only a handful left in-game. Ancestral Worshipers can be found in the area outside the Eternal City of Nokron and in the Siofra Riverbed, worshiping the bones of animals.

4 The Elden Ring Created The Erdtree

Prior to the Erdtree was the Crucible, which created life in the Lands Between. The Crucible existed before the Elden Ring was brought to the Lands Between, and it was only when the influence of the Elden Ring was placed on the Crucible that the Erdtree was formed. This process is depicted in several motifs in the game, a prominent one being the door at the base of the Erdtree.

The motif shows the Elden Ring at the bottom, the Greattree in the middle, and the Erdtree at the top. Other motifs depict the Erdtree standing straight up, as opposed to how the tree leans in-game. This change makes sense since the Erdtree and Elden Ring are connected; when the Elden Ring was shattered, Erdtree was also affected.

5 Golden Seeds Exist From Shattering

The Golden Seeds found at the base of illusory trees are another effect the Shattering had on the Erdtree. These seeds were scattered around the Lands Between after the Shattering, which had been deemed impossible before the Shattering.

Some of the Golden Seeds managed to propagate, creating the Minor Erdtrees. These Minor Erdtrees hold small portions of the power the main tree possessed, which manifest as the tears used in the Wondrous Physick, are guarded by the Erdtree Avatars. Just like the Golden Seeds, the Erdtree Avatars did not exist before the Shattering and are stated in the Staff of the Avatar item to be the protectors of "the withering Erdtree's offspring."

6 The Age Of Plenty

Many items in Elden Ring reference an Age of Plenty, a time during the Erdtree's prime. During this period, the Erdtree was depicted in murals to be standing straight up, and in the Blessed Dew Talisman, it is said during that age, the people of the Lands Between thought the sap of the Erdtree would drip forever.

It is also shown that other talismans, like the Cerulean Amber Medallion, utilized materials like the Erdtree's amber to strengthen the wearers. Unfortunately, after this initial Age of Plenty, the Erdtree produced fewer materials and is said to have transitioned from a resource to a religious icon.

7 Catacombs For Returning Dead To Erdtree

With the elimination of the prior burial traditions, it was considered the highest honor to become one with the Erdtree after death. The root resin item often found in catacombs states that by becoming one with the Erdtree, people could be reborn.

The second part of the root resin's description, however, does state that this tradition eventually became pointless as the roots of the Greattree became separated from those of the Erdtree. This is why the catacomb roots are piled with bodies stacked at the roots. Additionally, Marika's removal of the Rune of Death from the Elden Ring made the tradition pointless, as there were no longer any dead to bury.

8 Infected By Godwyn's Corpse

After his spirit was killed during the Night of Black Knives, Godwyn's body was buried deep beneath the capital of Leyndell at the roots of the Erdtree. Unfortunately, doing this allowed Godwyn's corpse to begin infecting the Lands Between through the root system of the Erdtree.

The roots of the Erdtree stretch all throughout the Lands Between, which allows Godwyn's influence to also spread. This can be seen in creatures like certain crabs covered in pustules and faces. Even certain catacombs are infected, with eyes and faces visible in certain roots and some even sprouting Deathroot.

9 Multi-Dimensional

While not an obvious power of the Erdtree, it is shown in several places that the Erdtree is capable of transporting people to different locations that would normally be inaccessible. One example of this is the Roundtable Hold. The Roundtable Hold is shown to have a physical location in Leyndell, but the one you visit with Gideon and the blacksmith Hewg is only accessible by teleporting with Grace.

The final boss fight against Radagon and the Elden Beast is also an example. Unlike other boss fights where you walk into the boss arena, you are showered in a blinding golden light before finding yourself in a void. There are no other areas like this in the game, as even isolated areas show you being transported there by stone coffins.

10 Haligtree A Failed Copy

Miquella's Haligtree, home to Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is actually a failed attempt at creating a new, separate Erdtree. Miquella's goal when creating the tree was to create a place uninfluenced by the Outer Gods like the Erdtree was.

The tree ultimately failed, though, as Miquella disappeared and could no longer care for the tree, and Malenia's Scarlet Rot slowly infected it. Still, the Haligtree became a symbol much like the Erdtree for those shunned by the Golden Order of the Erdtree, giving a safe space for creatures like the Misbegotten and the Albinaurics.

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