Elden Ring Player Figures Out How To Get Into The Capital Early

Elden Ring Player Figures Out How To Get Into The Capital Early

Elden Ring players just keep finding clever ways to break the game. By now, most players have either succumbed to teleporting trap chests or heard stories of those who have. These typically send you to parts of the Lands Between you're woefully unprepared for. Well, one player has figured out a way to turn an early warp to the capital city to their advantage.

If you head south of Limgrave to the Tower of Return and climb up it, you'll find a chest at the top. Rather than containing loot, this chest will teleport you into the middle of Lyndell, the Royal Capital.

It's actually an easier trap to get out of. Just rest at the site of grace ahead and you can head back into Limgrave. However, there's a lift behind you that could get you into the capital – if it worked. It only operates from the bottom, and you're at the top. Normally, the drop down would kill you and prevent you from exploring, but Reddit user MarchesaofTrevelyan found a way down.

As you can see in the video above, using some very precise positioning, they can negate fall damage by drinking a flask of wonderous physick that contains the exploding Ruptured Crystal Tear. The animation it triggers when you explode just before hitting the ground seems to cancel the fall damage, so if you do this right, you can get down there and explore the capital without needing to gather the Dectus Medalions or fighting the tough Magma Wyrm. It also means you don't need to get two Great Runes beforehand.

Why would anyone want to do this? Well, to explore the capital and get all the goodies that lie within. It's also fun to challenge yourself to an area you know you're underlevelled for. Or maybe you just like breaking the game. That's fun too.

What's not fun is being abandoned in the middle of a boss fight. That's why one annoyed summon has decided to teach a lesson and make sure everyone who summons them is putting in some effort and not just sitting back during the battles.

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