Elden Ring Player Reaches Godskin Apostle Without Realising There’s Fast Travel, Somehow

Elden Ring Player Reaches Godskin Apostle Without Realising There’s Fast Travel, Somehow

Elden Ring, and FromSoftware games in general, are known for being obtuse and difficult to get into. Mechanics are rarely fully explained, and it's left up to you to figure things out for yourself. One thing that's pretty easy to get to grips with in Elden Ring is fast travel though. Well, it is for everyone other than this one player who got all the way to the Godskin Apostle at the base of the Caelid Tower without realising teleportation was a thing.

As spotted by GamesRadar+, redditor Bulky-Collection1032 posted to the Elden Ring subreddit to ask for help on escaping the pits of the Caelid Tower. To get there, you've got to fall on rickety beams and descend all the way to the base. Getting back out is simple, you just use the Site of Grace to teleport to any other unlocked one in the game. Bulky didn't know this was possible, somehow.

The top response is a very simple, "You should be able to just TP out via the map?" To which Bulky responded, "Oh my god I didn’t even know that was a thing ☠️ ty." It's an adorable moment of ignorance, one that hasn't been met with hostility, thankfully.

Turns out, Bulky has only been playing for three days, so this isn't quite as egregious an issue as it first seems. It's still not great, but it's not laughably silly. If anything, getting all the way to the bottom of the Caelid Tower in just three days is very impressive, as noted by many of the people replying to the original thread.

Others shared their similarly embarrassing stories. "I managed to get to Margit without sitting at the Grace to meet Melina. I just thought it was like Bloodborne and I'd need to attempt a boss before I could level up… that was fun." Someone else, "Got trapped in a Caelid mine, escaped, walked along the edge of the swamp, and then some weird lady just popped up, apologized for testing me, and whisked me away."

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