Elden Ring Players’ Christmas Wish Is To Summon Dragons And Ant Riders

Elden Ring Players’ Christmas Wish Is To Summon Dragons And Ant Riders

Elden Ring lets you summon jelly fish, wolves, and even a clone of yourself to help fight bosses, enemies, and other players. But you can't summon anything, like a Crucibile Knight or one of those giant walking crypts – what if you could,though ? Fans have been discussing the enemies they want most as Spirit Ashes, and maybe they'll get their wish if DLC rolls out.

"Technically, the ancient dragons in Farum Azula are regular enemies," Kinglyzero_91 said. "Just saying." You might have a hard time fitting the dragons into some of the smaller boss arenas, chiefly the underground dungeons, but the ability to bring out a fire-breathing titan to shred through your enemies would be fun, if a little overpowered. And as one commenter pointed out, Rennala summons dragons, so it's only fair if we can too.

This sparked a little debate about what constitutes a normal enemy. The dragons, like the Crucible Knights pictured in the original post, don't respawn when killed, but they don't have a boss health bar either. Going by the idea that they don't have a boss helath bar and simply crop up among normal enemies, you could count the Putrid Tree Avatars, given that you can find some wandering around the Haligree Catwalks. Likewise, they don't respawn, but we're stretching the rules, here.

Moving away from overpowered boss-lite enemies is Marq_DeSade's suggestion – those incredibly annoying silver balls, the giant ones that roll into you and keep on rollin, rollin, rollin, what? Nothing would scare an invader back into their own world like a host spam-rolling alongside their two massive balls, coming down the hill with blood in their eyes.

No? Alright, back to bosses. Margit technically pops up without a boss health bar near Lyndell, so someone chucked them in as a suggestion. On NG+, you could even make Margit fight Margit. Or you could summon a giant lobster.

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