Elden Ring Players Debate Dog Meme Origins

Elden Ring Players Debate Dog Meme Origins

Behold, dog! Every Elden Ring player has seen dozens of these messages, especially those of us who were around right when the game first launched. It became a funny joke to post this message underneath every friendly animal in the Lands Between, especially the weird amount of tortoises. Well, since time is a flat circle, new players to the game have begun asking why these messages exist, and players can't remember the exact origin.

When Darkstardust98 asked the Elden Ring subreddit "why every animal in elden ring is a 'dog'?", they probably didn't expect so many different answers. The most sensible answer is, "Because “tortoise” isn’t a vocabulary option for multiplayer messages." I'm pretty sure that's not the case though.

Someone explained it's due to a meme from popular comedy film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. "It’s from Borat. He goes to America and sees a tortoise and says: 'What type of dog is this?' To which the man with him replies: 'This is a tortoise.'"

Some disagree with this claim though, arguing, "They call them dogs because they are non-hostile animal 'enemies' or in other words 'good boys'. Good boy = Dog." This one's a bit of a stretch, but the logic is there.

There are, however, a lot of Borat defenders. "That's what it evolved into, but the first messages of that type were always at a tortoise (at least for me)," one person wrote. "Na, I’m positive whoever originally came up with it was cause of Borat, and it was probably repeated by people who didn’t get the joke," argues another.

Some think the meme goes even deeper than that, harkening back to the spiritual predecessors of Elden Ring, Dark Souls. "It's a meme because in the souls all animals were annoying fucking dogs and so people left messages warning for dogs."

Whatever the actual origins, spamming the message is always the correct decision. FromSoftware games always have silly and trolling messages, but some are actually useful.

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