Elder Scrolls Online Griefers Are Poisoning Players In Craglorn’s Hub City

Elder Scrolls Online Griefers Are Poisoning Players In Craglorn’s Hub City

Craglorn is under siege right now and it's not from big bosses, powerful hordes of enemies, or the usual Elder Scrolls Online creepy crawlies. Griefers have found a way to bring the poison area of effect attack into major hubs and cities, intoxicating unlucky bystanders.

You're usually safe in a city when it comes to MMOs unless you accept duels from players or go around pissing off the town guard. It's where you go to chill, craft, play some Tales of Tribute, or whatever it is you get up to in your downtime. But with the Zeal of Zenithar event live, there are more people than ever in Craglorn's hub city, so griefers are taking advantage (thanks, ESO Hub).

There are troll encounters that poison you, giving you an AOE that spreads that poison to other players. And usually, that AOE is limited to the vicinity of the enemy that poisoned you—but some players have found a way to bring that AOE much further, reaching cities. Particularly Belkarth, the main one. With such large groups of players, that AOE can spread and spread and spread, poisoning countless poor sods.

Those trying to do quests, take part in the event, turn in dailies, or whatever else are being literally plagued by this problem, with threads popping up asking ZOS to permaban these griefers. It's an exploit more than anything else, so hopefully Zenimax take note and patch out the issue before the event ends. With Craglorn so busy, it's ripe for this kind of attack.

Otherwise, your best bet is to stay away from other players and be cautious of big poisonous gas circles. Even the bustling cities aren't safe from death. Regardless, the Zeal of Zenithar event is live right now so you can hop in, get crafting, and earn some tickets. If you gift five tickets, you can even get yourself some Crown Crates.

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