Enlisted: Everything You Need To Know About Upgrading Squads

Enlisted: Everything You Need To Know About Upgrading Squads

Enlisted, a game from Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Studios, launched its Beta on PS5 and Xbox Series X in March 2021.

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As well as training your soldiers to increase their rank, you can also upgrade entire Squads in Enlisted to improve your combat capabilities. However, the upgrade screen is different for each Squad, which can make it confusing for newcomers. Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading Squads in Enlisted.

What Upgrades Are Available?

Upgrades are ways to improve your squads. Upgrades are available to purchase with Squad Points, which you earn as a Squad levels up.

Each Squad has its own leveling system, as well as its own Squad Points that they earn as they level up. Squad Points and Upgrades are not shared between your different Squads.

Upgrades are split into three categories: Squad Upgrades, Personnel Upgrades, and Workshop Upgrades. A balance between these three is essential to succeed across all of the campaigns in Enlisted.

Squad Upgrades

Squad Upgrades allow you to increase the total amount of soldiers that you can take into battle. However, this doesn’t mean you can just throw any class of troop into your Squads. Every Squad has limits on the maximum number of soldiers of each class. You can also increase these limits in Squad Upgrades.

You can also increase the size of your troop reserve, or increase how much XP a Squad earns to level it up quicker.

Personnel Upgrades

Personnel Upgrades unlock new slots for your troops in a specific Squad. This allows your soldiers to have a sidearm, backpack, or even multiple rifles.

Squads have their own limits on what rank soldiers can be, but you can increase this limit in the Academy. This is necessary if you are training Soldiers in the Academy, as each Squad has its own limit on what rank soldiers can be.

There are also upgrades that allow you to raise the amount of XP soldiers earn in a Squad. If you get all of the Personnel Upgrades for a Squad, your soldiers could earn up to 100% more XP.

Workshop Upgrades

Workshop Upgrades allow you to improve your weapons and vehicles. This depends on the Squad, as only certain Squads can use vehicles.

After unlocking weapon upgrades, you can then reduce the cost of this process by unlocking more Workshop Upgrades.

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