Enlisted: Logistics Explained

Enlisted: Logistics Explained

As you play Enlisted, you will earn Weaponry and Troop Order Tokens. These are used in the Logistics menu to unlock new equipment, weapons, and troops for your Squads, which you then take into battle.

However, this can all seem very confusing at the start, as you are overwhelmed with a lot of information very quickly. Here’s everything you need to know to understand Logistics in Enlisted.

What Are Order Tokens?

Order Tokens are the main form of currency that you can earn whilst playing Enlisted. There are two types of Order Tokens: Equipment and Troop Orders.

  • Equipment Orders are used to buy more items and guns, whilst Troop Orders are used to get more soldiers.

Order Tokens come in three different ranks. Bronze Orders are used to get basic equipment and random weapons or soldiers. Silver Tokens allow you to buy specific guns and types of soldiers. Gold Tokens are used to get special units, such as Rank five soldiers for your Squads.

What Is The Logistics Menu?

Logistics is a shop in which players can spend Order Tokens that they have earned whilst playing Enlisted. The menu is split into three categories: Troops, Equipment and Weaponry.

How To Buy More Troops

Troops are extra soldiers that you can buy to fill up your Squads. There are lots of different troops you can buy, such as Troopers, Tankers, and Snipers. Most troops cost one Silver Troop Order Token. You can also buy a random Soldier for one Bronze Troop Order Token.

  • When you buy troops, they will be unarmed.

They won’t have any equipment or guns to use. To outfit your soldiers ready for battle, you need to use Equipment Order Tokens.

How To Buy More Guns

Weapons are the most important item for a soldier. You can use Silver Equipment Tokens to buy specific weapons, or a Bronze Token to get one random gun.

  • When you buy weapons, you do not permanently unlock them for every soldier to use.

You get one of that weapon, which you can then give to one soldier at a time. That means if you want to give a Mosin rifle to five soldiers in a squad, you need to buy five separate rifles.

How To Buy More Equipment

Equipment is also purchased with Equipment Order Tokens. Equipment covers other items that your soldiers might need in battle. This includes medkits, tools, and grenades. These are mostly purchased with Bronze Equipment Tokens.

Like weapons, you purchase one piece of equipment using Order Tokens. If you get a new soldier and they need a medkit, you will need to buy another using an Equipment Token.

How To Get More Order Tokens

The Battle Pass has lots of free rewards for leveling up, many of which are Order Tokens. To level up the Battle Pass, you must complete Battle Tasks, which are daily activities. These also reward you with Order Tokens upon completion.

You can also unlock more Order Tokens by completing Achievements. Every achievement rewards you with an Order Token. There are a total of 15 Silver Troop Orders, 13 Silver Equipment Orders, and 1 Gold Troop Order that you can get from completing achievements. These do not regenerate, unlike Battle Tasks.

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