Escape Hour – The most amazing escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary

Escape Hour – The most amazing escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary

If you want to have the most unique gaming experience in Calgary and Edmonton, nothing is compared to Escape Hour. Both locations consist of four real escape rooms, where you can have an hour of uninterrupted game play. Each location has around five different games as of now, with more games to pop up in the near future with quest room and locker room scenarios.

Escape Hour would be a great experience for two to ten players depending on the type of game of your choice. With Senator’s Battle’ made available in Edmonton, even sixteen players can experience the game at once. Each game is made to give you excitement and thrills. These games allow you to escape from the everyday hustle and plunge into an exciting atmosphere.

Filled with shocking developments, twists, and turns, that keep you on your toes, the escape room games give you a mind-blowing experience. The overall game play is led, managed, and monitored by a Game Master, who happens to be a staff of Escape Hour.

Both locations have extensive plans for expansion. It even includes team VR experience, a battle with a Tron theme, and bringing the Edmonton exclusive games, Matrix Theme’ and Bank Heist’ to Calgary location. Escape Hour has a variety of quest game, escape room, and custom-tailored locker room.

With set prop and pieces, Escape Hour gives everyone the ultimate authentic experience to completely immerse into the gaming scenario. Some games, such as the Bank Heist or the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar are suitable for adult players and children aged 9 and above. The remaining games are usually recommended for players aged 13 or 15 and above.