Every technical detail about the Xbox Scarlett, explained

Every technical detail about the Xbox Scarlett, explained

Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2019 was full of promises about the technical capabilities of Xbox Project Scarlett. Of course, console presentations are always a blend of buzzwords and crunchy tech morsels, the wedge salad approach to info-sharing. But which bits are nonsense, and which can tell us something concrete about the Scarlett’s power?


Project Scarlett: What we know about Microsoft’s next Xbox

For instance, we know the Scarlett will have custom-designed hardware featuring the newest AMD chips: the third-generation Ryzen CPU and Navi graphics technology. While that all seems important, the custom-designed part of the processors is industry-standard at this point; the current generation of both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles featured custom designs. As for the Zen 2 architecture and Navi GPU, neither have been officially released yet, so we don’t have full specs on them at the moment.

Not everything from the presentation was tech fluff, though; Scarlett will have real-time ray tracing, which is a huge leap forward for graphics capabilities. No longer just the domain of pre-rendered cutscenes, gameplay will finally be elevated by high-quality lighting effects this technology offers.

Watch the video above to learn which parts of Scarlett you should look forward to, and which parts were just filler.

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