Every Type Of Rock You Can Mine In Cozy Grove

Every Type Of Rock You Can Mine In Cozy Grove

During your first few weeks of playing Cozy Grove you’ll have noticed some brown rocks with orange ore sticking out of them. Jeremy Gruffle will give you a pickaxe to mine these special rocks around your island.

Because the terrain in Cozy Grove is constantly shifting and changing depending on many different things, you may not be able to find these ore deposits if they’re behind bushes or trees. There are up to six rocks you can mine in the game so far, all of which offer silver, iron, and gold. These metal bars are important for upgrading tools and future quests. Here’s how to find and mine them.

Tier One Rocks

Your first set of rocks will be brown and round. They come in a set of three and usually spawn nearest to your first campsite that contains Flamey.

  • They drop iron and silver, with a rare chance for gold and salt.

These rocks are level one, being the first ones you have access to. These basic rocks will only drop small ore deposits.

Tier Two Rocks

When Jeremy Gruffle sends you on a quest to upgrade your pickaxe, you’ll then be able to mine pro rocks. These are grey and more square than the round and brown ones.

Grey pro rocks only come in pairs of two. So when trying to find them, keep in mind that won’t be three rocks. These will be farther from your camp than the brown rocks and are able to drop the same things the brown rocks can. The difference here is that they drop medium ore deposits for more materials.

Tier Three Rocks

Once you’ve upgraded your pickaxe to its final level, master, you’ll get one new rock. Only one. You start off with three, then two, and then one. In total, you’ll have six rocks to mine daily.

  • Rocks reset for harvest around every 21 hours.

The master rock will be black or dark grey and triangular shaped instead of square or round. It can be hard to spot if the area it’s in isn’t lit up, since the color will help determine what level of rock it is or if it’s an ore deposit at all. The master rock will drop large ore deposits.

Your Cozy Grove may unlock higher-tier rocks before you get the quest to upgrade your pickaxe. This just means you’ve progressed through the days but not the quests.

More things unlock as you have more days under your belt. For example, the Wednesday trader Pandam is only unlocked after you’ve had a week in the game. You can unlock things without being able to get to them yet just by playing everyday. You’ll eventually be able to use them!

  • After Day 30, all rocks will change from their original location and rotate randomly.

What To Do With Ore

After you’ve collected ore deposits from your rocks, you’ll want to burn them at Flamey by interacting with him and pressing the dialogue option “I want to burn something…”

This will turn them into ingots or bars. Iron, silver, and gold ingots can be used to upgrade other tools in the game, to complete quests, and craft some recipes.

How To Get Gold Ore

Gold ore deposits are an extremely rare drop from all rocks. Luckily, it’s not really needed for much in your early to mid-game other than when a bear asks for one gold ingot as a timed quest. Timed quests don’t need to be completed as they are filler quests that don’t progress the story, but they will give you a reward nonetheless.

You can also craft gold ingots from scratch, which is the easiest way to acquire some. By going to Jeremy Gruffle, the Maker Bear, you can craft one gold ingot per ten silver. Silver is also a slightly less common drop from rocks than iron.

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