Evil Dead The Game Gets A New Gameplay Trailer Ahead Of Launch Later This Year

Evil Dead The Game Gets A New Gameplay Trailer Ahead Of Launch Later This Year

A new trailer for Evil Dead: The Game dropped during the Summer Game Fest which shows off some interesting gameplay features.

You may recall that an Evil Dead game aptly titled Evil Dead: The Game was announced during the Game Awards last year. We haven’t heard much since, but a new gameplay trailer was finally released during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. You and a group of friends will be able to team up as iconic Evil Dead characters as you take on hordes of demons and “live out the nightmare.”

However, if playing as a human isn’t your thing, the new gameplay trailer also showed the ability to play as the demons yourself, hindering the progress of Ash and friends. You’ll be able to play the game cooperatively or PvP as the humans attempt to collect a number of artifacts to send the demons back where they came from.

Also shown in the gameplay trailer is a variety of different weapons you can use to pull off brutal executions, including axes, broadsword, hammers, shotguns, and even Ash’s legendary chainsaw arm. Each match will also take place at a number of familiar Evil Dead locations including the log cabin from the first film.

Unfortunately, this new gameplay trailer did not bring a concrete release date with it, but the game is still scheduled to launch at some point later this year, possibly during the Halloween season. However, we do know that the game will be coming to pretty much every system including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and even Nintendo Switch.

We also know that developer Saber Interactive is attempting to make this Evil Dead game as authentic as possible. Bruce Campbell will likely reprise his role as Ash for the game, but it was also recently confirmed that both Pablo Simon Bolivar and Kelly Maxwell are also joining the roster as playable characters. Other playable characters include Scotty from the original film as well as Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness.

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