Fall Guys Gives Secret Prize To Mysterious "Best" Player

Fall Guys Gives Secret Prize To Mysterious "Best" Player

The Fall Guys team has given a unique costume to the world’s best player, but no one, including the devs, knows who it is.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a worldwide phenomenon in less than a month. Not only because it is a highly addictive game – that is still available for free on PS4 – but also because it might well have the world’s best social media team to boot. As well as a string of amusing tweets, the Fall Guys social media team has been capturing the attention and imagination of the gaming world in a variety of ways.

It has promised to delete the game’s yellow team should a certain tweet reach one million retweets, for one. A lofty goal as that would make it the 19th most retweeted tweet of all time. It also has online personalities engaged in a bidding war with the winner getting their very own costume in Fall Guys. The highest bid currently stands at $420,069.69, because of course it does. All money will go to charity.

As if all of that wasn’t enough for one Twitter account at one time, the minds behind Fall Guys have now started up a game-wide hunt for The Fallen One. It revealed on Twitter that it has bestowed a one-of-a-kind costume to what it has deemed the world’s best Fall Guys player. The trouble is, no one knows who that player is. Even the devs themselves have admitted they don’t know who it is they have given the costume to.

An hour after awarding the costume to the world’s best player, a follow-up tweet was sent out admitting that they thought the winner would emerge right away. After all, if the costume really has been added to the collection of the world’s best player, then surely they must be playing the game on a pretty regular basis. 12 hours later, and The Fallen One has still not revealed themselves.

There’s a time limit on how long The Fallen One has before it will be too late to brag that they are the world’s best Fall Guys player. The costume they have been given will be awarded to everyone this Saturday. At that point, the opportunity to wear it before anyone else will be gone forever. Even if you think it couldn’t possibly be you, now might be the time to check. You never know.

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