Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Introduces Big Yeetus

Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Introduces Big Yeetus

Fall Guys recently received a mid-season update designed to change the layout for some of your favourite rounds. It also introduces a brand new obstacle: Big Yeetus.

The news comes from the official PlayStation Twitter account, which recently published a tweet about the update. You can it out for yourself below — for some terrifying reason, it uses a hammer emoji to describe Big Yeetus.

Fortunately — or perhaps unfortunately — that reason quickly becomes apparent if you check out the official blog post attached to the tweet.

“There have been plenty of rumblings across the community about a certain large and rather aggressive hammer obstacle, rumoured to be bringing future physics wildness to Fall Guys,” the post reads.

“Well, we can’t be sharing all the details just yet but let us just say — their name is Big Yeetus and they’re a-coming!”

As well as the giant death hammer, Fall Guys Season 2’s mid-season update is set to add dozens of obstacles, rotations, and tumbling fruit to the Blunderdome, making life even more precarious for the game’s highly competitive beans — who weight approximately the same as three Minions, or half a Mike Wazowski.

Anyway, Big Yeetus sounds scary. Let’s hope that only the worst Fall Guys cheaters get sent to get smacked by a giant hammer, and that said hammer eventually becomes a brand new version of Fall Guys’ official Cheater Island. The only way to make it back to the Blunderdome safely is to write a hilarious apology to the Fall Guys social media manager on Twitter.

As well as introducing Big Yeetus, the new patch is set to enhance server stability and improve VFX. But Big Yeetus is the main horrifying addition, obviously.

The Fall Guys Season 2 mid-season patch will be available to download later today. If you want revamped courses and a big, hammer-y, death machine obstacle called Big Yeetus, you can download the patch for free on PC and PS4.

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