Fall Guys Twitter Celebrates 1 Million Followers While Ninja Gets Outbid By A Bidet Brand

Fall Guys Twitter Celebrates 1 Million Followers While Ninja Gets Outbid By A Bidet Brand

Fall Guys is celebrating 1 million Twitter followers with a goofy video while the brand charity auction heats up.

We gotta hand it to whoever is in charge of the Fall Guys Twitter account over at Mediatonic–you’re doing great work. From roasting big names on Twitch to hosting a charity auction to determine the next costume you put in the game, your social media acumen is unmatched.

As proof, Fall Guys recently achieved one million followers over on Twitter. In celebration, the Fall Guys Twitter account shared this hilarious video of a million jelly beans falling from the sky onto the Egg Scramble map. And then the video crashes because the yellow team sucks.

Why does the yellow team always suck? Nobody knows. Yellow is just a cursed color or something. The only cure for this curse is to retweet this Fall Guys post a million times, which is currently at just under 200,000 retweets. Maybe there are more yellow fans than we thought.

No sooner does Fall Guys hit one million followers does TimTheTatman get his first crown. Of course, this momentous occasion couldn’t go by without the Fall Guys Twitter account roasting the crap out of him. Which, coincidentally, also turned out to be the most popular tweet from the Fall Guys Twitter account, according to a recent press release from Twitter.

And checking in on the two-week odyssey that is the Fall Guys Brand Charity Auction, Tushy Bidets are back on the throne. MyBeast used to be in the top spot with a bid of $300,000, which was then beaten by returned streamer Ninja with a bid of $420,069 (nice). That just recently got outbid by Tushy, the makers of fine attachable bidets, with an over-the-top bid of $420,069.69 (nice nice).

We’re fast approaching the half-million-dollar mark. Which brand will be first to hit $500,000? Stay tuned to find out.

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