Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat Drakina Rematch

Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat Drakina Rematch

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Drakina was a monstrous foe the first time you fought her in Fallen Legion Revenants, but her second appearance throws in a bunch of new spanners that make this fight even harder. Thankfully, unlike your first scrap with Drakina, there is no timer ticking away until your defeat, so all you have to worry about is smacking her around.

Unfortunately, doing that is easier said than done since Drakina’s new attacks and utility options make her a much bigger threat. In fact, Drakina can easily one-shot your entire party if you go in with the wrong party and mistime your blocks. All that being said, she can be defeated with a bit of preparation and some solid reflexes.

Drakina’s Attacks

Drakina largely stays the same in terms of her attacks, although she does gain some new toys to mess around with. The biggest change to her loadout is the removal of Divine Impulse. Unfortunately, this has been replaced with something far more dangerous.

Unchanged Attacks

You have seen all of these attacks before, and they remain unchanged from your first encounter.

Two-Hit Ranged ComboDrakina fires two projectiles. The first one is slow and low damage, the second is faster, and deals high damage.Both of these attacks can be parried, although the timing of the second attack is a little bit awkward. Once you have parried the second attack, Drakina is vulnerable to a quick counterattack.
Two-Hit Sword ComboDrakina jumps into range and swings her sword twice in quick succession.This attack is very similar to her ranged attack in that both attacks can be parried, however, the second attack has an awkward timing window. You want to parry the second attack the moment her hand moves into position to swing. Drakina will be vulnerable to a counterattack if you Perfect Parry the second attack.
Element ChangeDrakina imbues her attacks with Shock/Frost/Burn damage. This also changes her resistance.This attack can't be countered. If your front Exemplar is taking too much damage, then rotate your party until Drakina's element is no longer striking their weakness.
Hallowed WingDrakina buffs her defences drastically.This buff is substantial, decreasing the damage you will inflict on Drakina. Staggering Drakina or using a debuff will negate the effect.
Flare RuptureFlare Rupture deals massive damage across multiple rapid hits to any Exemplar within 2 tiles of Drakina.This attack deals tremendous damage and the best way to deal with it is to not be near it. Whenever Drakina is charging, stay away from her. If you stick to the back of your lane, she can't hit you with this attack at all.

New Attacks

Drakina’s new attacks are both dangerous, and a spanner that needs to be dealt with.

Twilight MantraDrakina raises her hand and unleashes a powerful explosion that hits all Exemplars in range.This attack is devastating. Not only does it deal catastrophic damage, but it is also enhanced by the element Drakina has imbued herself with. This attack deals more than enough damage to kill squishy Exemplars in a single hit. To Counter this attack, you block as her hand is fully raised. Drakina will also use this attack as her wake-up attack after being Staggered.
Elemental BaneDrakina conjures a tile that increases her resistance to Shock/Frost/Burn.This is another utility ability that Drakina has that simply makes her harder to kill. Use Push and Pull abilities to get her off of her Bane tile.

Drakina's Mechanics

Unlike your first encounter with the Goddess of Mercy, this fight does not have a timer associated with it. This is a straight-up boss fight with no extra bells or whistles. Drakina does have three phases, however, and each phase will have Drakina unlocking new attacks, becoming more aggressive, and dealing more damage.

Phase three is naturally her strongest phase, but with Twilight Mantra being active from phase one, Drakina is a consistent threat throughout this fight.

Which Exemplars To Use

For this fight, we ran with a standard formation of Tank, DPS, and Ranged. Zulfiqar is, as always, a fantastic pick as his defensive stats are excellent. He is vulnerable to fire, but Drakina won’t necessarily be dealing fire damage all throughout the fight. Zulfiqar is also tanky enough to survive Twilight Mantra even when hit with a fire variant, making him a staple anchor.

Jacquine was a bit of a powerhouse in the last fight, and she continues to be one in this one. Her Kraken Breaker Deathblow is very effective at breaking down Drakina’s BP, letting you Rushdown attack her more often. Just be wary that this attack will miss if Drakina is not in lane.

Battle Strategy

The strategy for taking down Drakina mostly stays the same. Her basic ranged and melee attacks are easily Parried, and they can both lead to high amounts of BP damage. Jacquine can eat away at Drakina’s BP without much hassle, however, you will still need to keep up the pressure as Drakina will restore her BP over time.

We found the best time to use this Deathblow was between attacks. For example, when Drakina uses her two-hit ranged attack, use Jacquine’s Deathblow after the first shot. Because this Deathblow doesn’t require Jacquine to move forward to cast (like other Deathblows), you can safely cast this and still be able to Parry with your other Exemplars.

The biggest threat here is Twilight Mantra. The damage is more than enough to kill Jacquine, and most other DPS Exemplars. Blocking as her hand raises will almost always land a Perfect Parry, and failing that, a Deflect. You never want to get hit by a full Twilight Mantra, so pay attention to her animations and at the very least get a Block off.

Other than that, keep some Mana back to displace Drakina. Her Bane tiles won’t necessarily be an issue depending on how you attack her and which Bane she has active, but it’s easier to deal with if she simply isn’t on the tile at all.

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