Fallout 76 joins PlayStation Plus – Tips and tricks for beginners

Fallout 76 joins PlayStation Plus – Tips and tricks for beginners

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The January 2023 PlayStation Plus games are available to download right now. Another strong month for PS Plus free games, Fallout 76 is joined by Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, as well as indie platformer Axiom Verge 2. Unlike traditional Fallout games which are solo, story-driven adventures, Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer release set in a shared world. After a disastrous launch plagued by bugs, game-breaking glitches and controversy, Bethesda has slowly transformed Fallout 76 into something that’s finally worth exploring. Indeed, if this is your first time venturing into the Appalachian wilderness, these tips will help you get the most out of your adventure. As you can see from the video below, your journey begins within the vault itself, where you’ll be able to grab a Pip-boy device, pick up some important healing items and assign your early attributes and perks.


Attributes and Perks…

Attributes govern your character’s stats, while perk cards provide unique bonuses and benefits. Among other things, perks give your character higher healing values when using medicine, more damage when using certain weapons, or more experience when exploring as part of a group. 

It’s worth remembering that once you hit a certain level, you can reassign your attribute points by using punchcard machines at train stations. With this in mind, I would recommend focusing on strength and perception to begin with, and changing it when you’re more comfortable with the game.

The list of attributes and what they do can be seen below. 

• Strength – Strength is a useful stat when starting out, because it allows you to carry more items and deal more melee damage.

• Perception – Perception makes you more aware of nearby enemies and stealthy movement. It also increases your weapon accuracy in the game’s V.A.T.S system.

• Endurance – Endurance affects your total health, as well as your sprinting drain and resistance to disease.

• Charisma – Charisma is a fun attribute that governs your ability to lead others. You can barter for better prices and earn higher value rewards.

• Intelligence – Intelligence is worth exploring, because higher stats let you hack terminals, craft more durable items and earn more from scrap.

• Agility – Agility is great for people planning to use stealth. Not only will you be better able to sneak past enemies, but it also affects the number of action points in V.A.T.S.

• Luck – With higher luck attributes you’ll loot more durable items and recharge Critical Hits faster.

Leaving the vault…

Once you’ve tweaked your character it’s time to leave the vault and begin your adventure. While you have the freedom to do whatever you please, it’s worth easing yourself into the game by performing the Wayward Souls story mission.

The mission will give you a taste of the game’s core mechanics, including the building of your very first C.A.M.P.

Bethesda also recommends exploring The Forest region, which is the perfect location to gain XP and level up your character. Keep this in mind whenever you’re struggling with a mission.

Loot, loot, loot!

An essential activity in any Fallout game, looting is especially important in an online survival game such as Fallout 76, where you can’t simply reload your previous save.

Buildings, in particular, are a great source of free items, be it ammo, weapons, armour, medicine or junk.

Junk can be scrapped to create crucial components used for crafting weapons, armour and C.A.M.P objects. This is why a higher strength stat is useful in the early game, when you’re short of currency and need as many free items as possible.

You’ll also want to check out any corpses that cross your path, and search downed enemies for even more free items.

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Eat, drink and avoid radiation…

Fallout 76 requires players to stay well fed and hydrated during the course of their adventure. Doing so will result in various short-term buffs and bonuses.

“Just don’t forget to cook raw food and boil water first or you’ll risk catching a Disease,” Bethesda explains.

Players will also need to keep an eye on radiation, which is accumulated via food, drink and the environment itself. Too much radiation will reduce your health, which is where the RadAway item comes in handy. Rad-X will also increase your resistance to dangerous radiation.

Exposure to radiation can also lead to mutations, which provide some benefits, but also come with dangerous side-effects. 

Look out for Public Events…

It goes without saying, but the more missions you complete and events you join, the more items you’ll obtain and powerful you’ll become.

Public Events randomly appear in different locations. They’ll show up on your map as a hexagon-shaped icon with an exclamation point in the centre. 

Fast travelling to Public Events is free, so try to take part in as many as possible. You’ll also earn more XP for playing the objective, so follow the instructions to get the biggest rewards.

Use your Pip-boy wisely…

Your trusty Pip-boy device will provide you with important information, guide you in the right direction, and even help you seek out any missing items.

Indeed, if you need a certain component for crafting, you can tag it in your Pip-boy. This will display a magnifying glass next to the component’s name when you come across it in the world.

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