Fallout 76 UPDATE: Maintenance schedule confirmed for Survival Mode beta

Fallout 76 UPDATE: Maintenance schedule confirmed for Survival Mode beta

Bethesda is releasing the Survival Mode beta today, which is part of a big Fallout 76 update.

The game’s support team has confirmed that servers will be taken offline so that maintenance can be performed.

Following this downtime, the new Fallout 76 update will be available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And one of the main items included will be the new Survival Mode which comes complete with new PvP options.

The new Fallout 76 maintenance is scheduled to begin at 10am EST, or 3pm GMT if you’re a gamer in the UK.

We don’t know how long Fallout 76 servers will be offline, but until the maintenance is complete, there will be no access on any platform.

The good news is that patch notes will be shared during this time, so we will know what has been added.

Here’s the latest information from Bethesda, which confirms: “We’re planning to bring Fallout 76 offline around 10:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow, March 26, across all platforms to perform maintenance and apply updates.

“During this time, you will be unable to log into or play Fallout 76, and we’ll keep you updated in this thread to let you know as soon as you’re able to jump back into Appalachia.

“Patch notes for tomorrow’s update will be posted during maintenance.”

Unlike the main game mode in Fallout 76, the Survival beta is set to include fewer player vs. player (PVP) restrictions, higher stakes for PVP combat, and even a permanent XP bonus.

The development team are also implementing scoreboards that you can use to earn bragging rights, as well as new weekly challenges that have legendary rewards.

From what has been posted so far, it appears players will be free to attack others and won’t be able to use the map to track people down unless they are wanted.

Players will also appear on maps if they rank as one of top three players on the Longest Life scoreboards.

“We’ve added scoreboards to Survival Mode that you can use to keep track of how long you’ve managed to stay alive amid the hardships of Appalachia, gauge your PVP prowess, and keep an eye on a variety of additional stats to see how your performance during your current life measures up against others in your world,” Bethesda explains.

“You can also view the stats from your best life that week to see how they compare to players in your current world. Your stats will travel with you when you join new Survival Mode worlds, but reset on death or each week—whichever comes first.”

The main Fallout 76 mode is also seeing changes with the release of today’s update.

Bethesda is also removing the residual damage you receive from other players if you do not choose to fire back.

This adjustment effectively eliminates “slap damage” and should greatly reduce the likelihood that you’ll fall victim to any unwanted PVP.

PvP is still possible, such as if you have pacifist mode disabled and return fire against another player.

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