Fallout Fans Discuss The Most Useless Items In The Series

Fallout Fans Discuss The Most Useless Items In The Series

Ever since the introduction of base-building in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, almost every item in the games has had some kind of value. Whether it be a broken down piece of machinery or a coveted role of duct tape, everything can be scrapped for precious materials that you can use to build settlements. That being said, there are still some items that are so useless, so completely void of any meaning, that you can't help but wonder why they were put in the game at all.

Fallout fans have been talking about their favorites on the game's subreddit, starting with u/TheCrowsNestTV who reckons there are very few items in Fallout 4 as useless as the issue of the Wasteland Survival Guide that directs you to Diamond City. From a lore persepective, it's probably quite a useful magazine. However, all the magazine does for the player is add a marker for Diamond City on the minimap, a location you'll more than likely have already found if you took on the main quest for longer than a few hours.

It turns out theough that the Fallout series has quite the history of completely useless items. Many other users point out that you can at least sell the magazine for a decent amount of caps, something that can't be done with a strangely rare item from Fallout 2 that u/number__ten mentions. Pocket lint is something that only four characters in the entire game carry on them, and once you actually find it, you'll quickly find that it's completely worthless. At least you're not holding someone's bodily fluids though.

In a perfect combination of disgusting and worthless, there's an item in Fallout Tactics mentioned by u/Mr-Fleshcage that you probably shouldn't go anywhere near. The Yellow Nuka-Cola bottles that players can find are full of exactly what it sounds like, an "invention" that a character called Roshambo came up with by urinating in existing bottles of Nuka-Cola. Gross.

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