Famous Author Has No Clue What Tekken Gamer Is Talking About

Famous Author Has No Clue What Tekken Gamer Is Talking About

A Twitter user meant to pose a question to Tekken 7 producer Michael Murray. Instead, they ended up tagging a sci-fi writer who said “Latin and Greek were easier” than the jargon in the question.

“Why is the low with the huge pushback from paul not launch punishable?,” Twitter user JWembacher asked, tagging fantasy and science fiction novelist Myke Cole. “Can you explain? Can you make snake edge from bryan then as well not launch punishable? Can you reduce the pushback from paul? why are some [characters] so op?!?!?!?!??! WHY?!?!??!”

Cole, who has written about a dozen books, said he had been eyeballing the tweet but couldn’t make sense of it. “It seems so tantalizingly like English and yet…” Cole said. “I keep thinking if I just read it one more time, I’ll understand it.”

Acclaimed writer Stephen King commented, saying it was “strange” and “tantalizing.” American archaeologist Sarah Parcak also replied, saying the question was Middle Egyptian that went through Google Translate.

Some users made light of the misidentification. A few offered genuine support, giving pointers on how to guard against Paul’s allegedly overpowered low attack. Most poked fun and pointed out that the user meant to tag Murray instead of Cole. The Twitter user apologized to Cole and the two reconciled.

In other Tekken 7 news, Bandai Namco Studios announced that Season 4 is coming this fall. The new season of content will add new characters, improvements to online play, and new moves for every single character.

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