Fan Scales Buildings With This Real Spider-Man Suit

Fan Scales Buildings With This Real Spider-Man Suit

It has been a big week for Spider-Man fans. The premiere of the highly anticipated No Way Home has caused a flood of fans and cosplayers to show off their love for the web-slinger on social media. One fan is taking this to the next level by sticking to walls and scaling buildings.

Over on TikTok, user jlaservideo is showing off his very own Spider-Man wall climbers. These Spidey-like gadgets are created from strong suction pads and powerful air pumps that help keep the suction as the user hangs upside-down from the ceiling. The wall climbers are also very mobile and compact, allowing them to be placed discretely under a Spider-Man suit.

To show off how much these gadgets mimic the superhero’s wall-climbing ability, jlaservideo decides to scale a building dressed as the friendly neighborhood hero. The suction power of these sticky gadgets works as the video doesn’t end in tragedy.

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Jlaservideo, real name Jake, is no stranger to turning himself into a superhero. His TikTok is filled with his wild inventions and gadgets that mimic the powers and looks of some of Marvel’s mightiest. These include a replica of Thor’s hammer that conducts 500,000 volts of actual electricity, a Captain America shield that can bounce around before returning to the thrower, and an arrow that mimics the whistle-controlled weapon of Yondu.

However, Spider-Man seems to hold a special place in Jake’s heart, as many of his inventions seem to revolve around the web-slinger. Other Spidey gadgets you can see on his Tiktok include different web-shooters, such as one that shoots ice and another that magnetically attaches to things. On top of that, there's a self-tightening suit like the one seen in Homecoming, and a detailed mask complete with expressive eye mechanics. Perhaps Peter Parker didn’t need to be bit by that radioactive spider, he just needed to be a little more creative.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently in theaters – and often attended by a ton of cosplayers. However, if you happen to catch a matinee showing and see one clinging to the ceiling, don’t be alarmed, as it's probably just Jake showing off another gadget or two.

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