Fans Vote Simple And Clean As The Best Kingdom Hearts Intro Song

Fans Vote Simple And Clean As The Best Kingdom Hearts Intro Song

Kingdom Hearts fans have voted Simple and Clean as the best intro song from the series.

We can pretend all we like that the best part about a new Kingdom Hearts game is the big plot twists, new Disney worlds, or flashy combat, but we all know that the true highlight is whatever Utada Hikaru song is used for the introduction. From Simple and Clean to Face My Fears, each Kingdom Hearts game has a banger of an opening, and it'd be hard to pick out which is the best.

Of course, that hasn't stopped Kingdom Hearts fans on ResetEra voting which of the four main songs used is the best. The thread was started earlier in the week by ResetEra user hydrophilic attack, who said, "we're all adults now. we no longer need to pretend that we're too cool to appreciate these songs or whatever, so which of their kingdom hearts songs is their best?"

The four options include Simple and Clean from the first Kingdom Hearts, Sanctuary (the best one) from Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3's opening theme Face My Fears, and its closing theme Don't Think Twice. It's worth noting that none of the remixes are included in this vote, such as the Planit-B remix of Simple and Clean used for 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage or the orchestral version used for Dream Drop Distance.

The results aren't surprising in the slightest. The winner here with an overwhelming 59.8 percent of votes is Kingdom Hearts 1's Simple and Clean. As the most nostalgic of the lot and something that most people associate with Kingdom Hearts as a whole, it was always going to win this battle.

In second place is Kingdom Hearts 2's Sanctuary with 30.7 percent of the votes. Sanctuary is also the best one and you should all feel bad for not letting it win. Next up is Face My Fears with 5.4 percent of votes and then in last place is Don't Think Twice with 4.1 percent, both of which are from Kingdom Hearts 3.

Funnily enough, the position of the songs is actually the order of the main games as well, which might indicate that nostalgia is the real winner here, or just that Simple and Clean really is that much of a bop. No arguments here.

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