FarmVille 2 Is Alive And Well (And It Just Released Its Biggest Update Yet)

FarmVille 2 Is Alive And Well (And It Just Released Its Biggest Update Yet)

The original FarmVille might be shutting down this year, but FarmVille 2 is alive and well. Zynga recently announced that its popular simulator just added its biggest feature ever, known as the Animal Park.

Available today, the Animal Park update introduces you to Rick, a “talented Park Ranger and Zoologist.” The brilliant scientist has come back to the farm to rebuild the abandoned Animal Park and open a new Animal Rescue Center. However, he’s going to need your help – you’ll now be able to collect and rescue a variety of new species as you help Rick restore the facility to its former glory. Once rescued, you’ll need to care for the animals and slowly renovate your new buildings to keep them healthy and happy.

“We’re always looking for ways to keep players entertained with exciting new in-game experiences that cover a variety of fun and interesting themes,” said Akshay Bharadwaj, GM of FarmVille 2. “We wanted to put a real focus on the animals, while catering for the most experienced players and creating a sense of teamwork that we could celebrate together as a community.”

FarmVille 2 is developed and published by Zynga, that same company that brought us the original – and iconic – FarmVille. FarmVille 2 is available on iOS and Android, and the Animal Park update is officially live.

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