FedEx Driver Writes "PlayStation Is Better" On Xbox Delivery

FedEx Driver Writes "PlayStation Is Better" On Xbox Delivery

Next-gen consoles are finally here! Of course, everyone has their favorite console, and those opinions are what fuel the so-called “console wars.” In what we hope was a fun poke at a “rival” console lover, a FedEx driver wrote “PlayStation is better” on the delivery slip for an Xbox.

In the age of the pandemic, getting a new console means having it delivered to your door. Retailers aren’t offering consoles at physical locations as they would have in previous years. This is being done to encourage social distancing and to prevent any potential “run” on a store that actually has a next-gen console in stock. Of course, that only meant that there was a run on stock online, resulting in long wait times for everyone.

Apparently, being lucky enough to get a next-gen console isn’t enough for one delivery driver, though. It needs to be the right console—specifically a PlayStation. The driver left the unwelcome message—that was then shared on Reddit—at the top of a delivery slip that is typically left on your door if you aren’t there to receive a package.

It simply read “PlayStation is better” with nothing else checked on the tag. This leads one to wonder if the driver handed the person their Xbox with the tag attached, or if they left the package on the doorstep with the tag—hoping that it wouldn’t get stolen. Either way, the OP felt that it was all in good fun and took it in stride, according to a comment they left in the Reddit thread.

As more and more people boot up their next-gen consoles, we are learning more about the issues and advantages of each one. Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Some people who can get both consoles will do just that, which goes to show that any “rivalry” between Microsoft and Sony is largely for the fun of it. Both consoles seem to be doing well, with the Series X/S taking the crown of “largest launch” of any Xbox console to date.

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