FIFA 21 Will Soon Let You Track FIFA Points Spends Following Increased Scrutiny

FIFA 21 Will Soon Let You Track FIFA Points Spends Following Increased Scrutiny

EA has introduced something called FIFA Playtime to FIFA 21 which will allow you to track and cap the amount of time and money you spend in-game.

Gone are the days when the transaction during which you would buy a game started and ended in the store from which you bought it. Buying a game in the present day is just the beginning. Whether it be additional DLC, new outfits, or microtransactions of various kinds, there’s almost always more money to be spent should you choose to do so.

This can be particularly worrying for the parents of young gamers, especially if those parents don’t game themselves. Children left to their own devices with a console loaded up with a parent’s card details could do unthinkable amounts of financial damage. That’s just one of the reasons loot boxes continue to cause controversy around the world.

So much controversy, in fact, that the mechanic has been classed as a form of gambling in Belgium and the Netherlands. The war over whether that should happen in the UK also rages on after a student spent his life savings on packs in FIFA’s Ultimate Team. FIFA’s FUT mode is one that has been subject to a large chunk of the scrutiny during the great loot box debate.

Which is why EA will introduce a feature called FIFA Playtime via its next update, reports Eurogamer. Playtime will allow you to monitor the time you spend playing FIFA 21, the number of matches you have, and perhaps most important of all, the amount of FIFA Coins you spend. FIFA Coins are FIFA 21’s in-game currency. EA cannot report back how much real-world money you spend as that information is held and dictated by the platform on which FIFA is played.

Not only will Playtime allow you to monitor the time and coins spent on FIFA 21, but it will also allow you to place caps on them. That’s the best news of all for parents of FIFA-hungry players. They will be able to rest easy knowing that their children will only be able to spend a certain amount on FUT packs, if anything at all. The Playtime update is live on PC from today and will come to consoles on November 17, 2020.

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