Final Fantasy 14: The Twinning Dungeon Guide

Final Fantasy 14: The Twinning Dungeon Guide

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The Twinning is a level 80 side dungeon in Final Fantasy 14. Originally added in patch 5.0 with the release of Shadowbringers, this dungeon will have you explore the depths of the First's Crystal Tower.

As the twin of the Crystal Tower you know and love, you may face some familiar foes in this dungeon, but don't expect to breeze through it. You'll need to overcome some difficult new mechanics if you want to clear The Twinning. Let's go over each of the bosses in this dungeon and how you can beat them.

How To Unlock The Twinning

The Twinning is a side dungeon that unlocks through the following quest. You will need to complete the Main Scenario Quest 'Shadowbringers' for this to appear.

  • Accept the quest 'By the Time You Hear This'

    • NPC Location: Bethana – The Crystarium (x:8.5, y:10.9)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    The layout of this dungeon is fairly simple. Follow the path while grouping up as many mobs as the Tank can handle. Eventually, you will make it to blue jump pads, which you will need to stand on to launch to the next segment of the dungeon. Overall, you should be able to progress through this dungeon without issue.

    Alpha Zaghnal

    The first boss of The Twinning is Alpha Zaghnal. On either side of the arena are two sets of four containment units, all of which hold Beta Zaghnal. If any of the boss's attacks hit the containment units, they will break open, releasing the enemy into the arena. Avoid having the boss hit these units to prevent your party from taking unnecessary damage. If any of these adds are released, the Tank should group them up as quickly as possible, and your party should focus on them before the boss.

    Each of Alpha Zaghnal's attacks are listed below.

    • Augurium: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use cooldowns and heal as necessary.
    • Beastly Roar: Deals moderate damage to the entire party. Use AoE heals to recover.
    • Forlorn Impact: Alpha Zaghnal will mark each player with a number of swords. Then, he will attack each player in order according to their number with a long line AoE. Position yourself so that you aren't overlapping this line AoE with anyone else's while also making sure the line doesn't hit the containment units.
    • Pounce Errant: Marks all players with an AoE circle marker, then attacks them in the order the AoEs appeared in. Avoid this attack similarly to Forlorn Impact; don't overlap the AoEs with other players and make sure they don't hit the containment units.
    • Charge Eradicated: The boss will place a stack marker on a random player. Your party should group up on that player to spread out the damage of this attack. Immediately after, an AoE puddle will be dropped at the party's location, which will deal damage over time. These two attacks will repeat a second time; another stack marker and puddle will occur. Be sure to avoid the first puddle while stacking for the second marker. Both puddles will persist on the ground for a while, so avoid them while you continue to attack the boss.

    At this point, these mechanics will repeat and overlap until the boss is defeated. Continue through the dungeon until you reach the second boss, Mithridates.


    The second boss of The Twinning is Mithridates. This boss is quite simple compared to this dungeon's first and third, but there are a few attacks you should watch out for. Mithridates's attacks and mechanics are listed below.

    • Thunderbeam: Deals high damage to the Tank.
    • Electric Discharge: Several orbs will appear around the arena. After a short delay, the orbs will release an AoE attack surrounding each one. Move to the area of the arena where there are no orbs to avoid this attack.
    • Laserblade: Large line AoEs will cover most of the arena. Move to the safe spot between the lines where they do not intersect to avoid this attack.
    • Allagan Thunder: AoE markers will appear on all players. Spread out to avoid overlapping these AoEs.

    After you have seen each of these attacks once, the boss will begin to repeat and combine them. You will need to avoid multiple mechanics at once for the remainder of this fight. Proceed on until you reach the final boss, The Tycoon.

    The Tycoon

    The final boss of The Twinning is The Tycoon. This boss will be familiar to players who have completed the Alexander Raids and will use thematically similar attacks. Each of the boss's attacks are listed below.

    • Rail Cannon: Deals high damage to the Tank.
    • Magitek Crossray: The boss will summon four Magitek Bits that will fire a line AoE. As the attack is cast, it will be interrupted halfway, holding it in temporal stasis for a few moments. After a short delay, the attack will then finish, firing the beam across the arena. You will take damage from Magitek Crossray if you step inside the temporal stasis-held AoE at any time during its cast, and if you are standing in its trajectory when the cast is finished. Avoid this attack by moving to either side of the AoE and waiting for the attack to finish.
    • Defensive Array: The boss will summon Magitek Bits around the edges of the arena that fire a laser towards the center. Similar to Magitek Crossray, this laser will be held in temporal stasis for a few moments. Avoid in the same way; chart the path of the laser and move to either side of it.

    • Artificial Gravity: Small red circles will appear around the arena. After a short delay, they will rapidly expand to a much larger size, then deal damage in that area. Avoid this attack by moving to a location where there are no red circles, then wait for the AoEs to resolve.
    • High-tension Discharger: Deals damage to all party members. Have AoE heals ready to recover.
    • Magicrystal: The boss will place an AoE marker on all players, which will deal damage in a circle surrounding them after a short delay. This attack often occurs at the same time as Magitek Crossray or Defensive Array, so be careful where you are positioned while avoiding overlapping the AoEs.

    After you have seen these attacks at least once, the boss will begin to repeat and overlap them. Defensive Array will add more Magitek Bits, creating more line AoEs you will need to dodge. Additionally, The Tycoon will use Magitek Crossray and Defensive Array at the same time, further increasing the number of beam AoEs that are held under temporal stasis at the same time.

    Be careful as you avoid these mechanics and you'll be able to take down The Tycoon and complete The Twinning.

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