Final Fantasy 14's Moonfire Faire Now Live On PS4 And PC

Final Fantasy 14's Moonfire Faire Now Live On PS4 And PC

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual summer celebration, the Moonfire Faire, is now underway. The event runs until 7:59 AM PT on August 26 and features a new questline to complete, as well as new summer-themed clothing, furnishings, and other rewards to earn.

To begin this year’s Moonfire Faire quest, “A Fish Too Far,” you’ll need to speak to Mayaru Moyaru in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa. You’ll also need to be at least level 30 to participate.

Complete the questline and you’ll earn the Summer’s Flame clothing set, which consists of a hat, top, wrist torque, pareo, and sandals. You’ll also get the new Flame Dance emote, as well as the Water Bomb Stand outdoor furnishing. You can see the new Moonfire Faire rewards below.

If you missed out on seasonal items from previous Moonfire Faires, you’ll have a chance to purchase some of them from vendors during this year’s event. Square Enix has also added a variety of new optional items to the FFXIV store, including a Painted Moogle Mask, a Moonfire Hachimaki, and more.

The Moonfire Faire arrives on the heels of Final Fantasy XIV’s big 5.3 patch, which introduced new story quests, some significant Job adjustments and gameplay tweaks, and even a beloved character from Nier Automata in the new crossover raid. If you’ve yet to play the popular MMO and are interesting in sampling it, Square Enix is holding another free FFXIV trial right now–but you may need a new account to participate.

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