Final Fantasy 16 Is "Pretty Much Complete", Trailer Dropping Soon

Final Fantasy 16 Is "Pretty Much Complete", Trailer Dropping Soon

Final Fantasy 16's next trailer is ready to be shown and should be dropping "soon".

Although we've known about Final Fantasy 16 for close to two years now, we've only received one trailer for it back during the PS5 reveal event. Despite this, director Naoki Yoshida has been very open about the game's development status and letting fans know when they can expect news on the game.

As pointed out by aitaikimochi, Yoshida appeared on the Nier Re(in)carnation stream yesterday, where he talked about the development of Final Fantasy 16. According to aitaikimochi's translations, Yoshida said that the game is "pretty much complete", which lines up with recent comments from him that it's in the final stages of development.

It seems like we'll be getting a good look at Final Fantasy 16 soon, as Yoshida also revealed that the next trailer for Final Fantasy 16 is "done" and should be released "soon". It seems as if the trailer might have actually been done for some time, as Yoshida also revealed that there were "certain factors" that caused the trailer to be delayed, although the specific reasons weren't mentioned.

The final bit of Final Fantasy 16 news to come out of the Nier stream is another comment from Yoshida about the game's development. According to him, the team working on the game spent a long time polishing and debugging it, which might be another reason why it's been so long since we've seen it.

Although it might seem like information on Final Fantasy 16 has been slim on the ground, it's not actually been that long since we've seen it, with its reveal taking place back at the tail end of 2020. If it does end up releasing this year, which seems more likely after these comments, it'll only have been two years from its announcement.

Yoshida has also been very clear that the game was only going to be shown when it was near completion and when the team was happy with it, rather than showing it off when it was still in the works.

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