First Magic, Now Necromancy Gets Added To Valheim In New Mod

First Magic, Now Necromancy Gets Added To Valheim In New Mod

A few days ago, we came across Skyheim, the mod that added Skyrim-style magic to Valheim. Skyheim’s spells are all fairly standard, such as Light, Frost Bolt, Firebolt, and the like.

But now there’s a new mod adding the dark arts to Valheim’s Viking world. The new Necromancy mod allows players to construct a yew wand that will give them power over death itself.

Once the Convoking Wand has been constructed (not a simple task, given its requirements), the player will be able to summon up to eight skeleton thralls. You may choose between ax-murdering Warrior skeletons or sharpshooting Bow skeletons, with a 50/50 mix recommended (but you’re your own necromancer, so you do you).

Summon a skeleton is simple: just block and then press Z. You can also heal or kill your skeletons by blocking and pressing V or K, respectively (don’t mix those two up), and you can have your skeles teleport to you if they get stuck on some scenery by pressing block and X.

The Convoking Wand itself isn’t capable of any melee attacks, but you can parry with it if you get into trouble. You’ll also suffer a 5% movement penalty with the wand equipped, so you’ll be relying on your skeleton army to keep you safe.

While the mod doesn’t interfere with tamed creatures such as boards or wolves, it does count them towards your eight-skeleton maximum, as does nearby players. That’s a known bug that mod creator mugshot will be fixing in a future release.

Mugshot writes on the Necromancy mod’s Nexus Mods page that everything should be fairly well balanced already, but you can set the health of your minions in the mod’s config page if you feel that they’re too tanky, or if you think they’re not tanky enough you can set them to have boss-levels of health.

As always, remember to install BepInEx before trying to install the Necromancy mod, otherwise, it won’t work.

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