Football Manager 2020 could be a massive Google Stadia stealth success

Football Manager 2020 could be a massive Google Stadia stealth success

Google revealed a host of new games today that will feature on their Stadia streaming service.

But the one that caught my attention is probably the least likely to demand 4K gaming at 60fps.

That’s because Football Manager 2020 – the popular footy management title from Sports Interactive – is going to be among the 2019 launch titles.

“We’re delighted that Football Manager 2020 is going to be a Google Stadia launch title,” a message from Sports Interactive reads.

“We’re not ready to reveal further details on the Stadia or Steam release but keep an eye on and FM socials for updates in Aug and Sept.”

So we don’t know much about what new features will be part of FM 2020, but unless it goes through systemic changes, it could be a perfect game for the Google Stadia.

Playing the full version of Football Manager is really only an option on PC right now.

There’s plenty of alternative versions that can be accessed on Tablets and Phones, but they struggle to reach the heights of FM on PC.

But with the launch of Stadia, this could all change and make it possible to experience Football Manager on the small screen.

Because it’s a streaming service, FM gamers will be able to stream whatever League setup they want straight to their compatible phone or tablet.

It would also make it possible to play the game on a basic laptop, allowing those who have been left behind to rejoin their fellow Football Manager enthusiasts.

The drawbacks will be that Google Stadia will be launching its premium Founder’s Edition first in November 2019,

This includes 4K gaming support, a Pro subscription, a Chromecast Ultra a buddy subscription and a Google Stadia controller.

None of which will really be needed to enjoy Football Manager at its best. It won’t be until 2020 when gamers are able to access Stadia for free and buy games separately.

But when that does happen and Stadia Base launches, Football Manager could become one of the service’s hot tickets.


  • Up to 1080p/60fps with stereo sound
  • Buy and keep the games you want.
  • Play in a Chrome browser on any computer or on your Pixel 3 or 3a phone (expanding to other phones over time).

One FM fan writes online: “I’m actually excited about this? It’s impossible for me to run every league on my laptop, and I’m not getting a new computer for more Hungarian regens.

“I also have a goofy world league DB that’s unplayable (at a normal speed) because I packed 1200 teams into it for some reason.

“But database games like FM should run very fast if all the processing is being done on a supercomputer somewhere.”

Another adds: “I haven’t been able to play a recent version of FM for years because my laptop was too s***t.

“Now it’s dead. I bought a laptop that’s quick enough to play FM, and I couldn’t be more excited for it to arrive.”

At launch, Stadia will be available in 14 countries through the Founder’s Edition: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Google says more regions will be added starting in 2020.

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