Forspoken: 10 Best Necklaces, Ranked

Forspoken: 10 Best Necklaces, Ranked

Frey has many accessory options in Forspoken that can offer certain boosts to her stats. Several necklaces can be found and collected throughout the adventure and used to boost magic, defense, and attack power. When these powerful garments are combined with other items like cloaks and nail art designs, Frey can become an absolute weapon on the battlefield.

There are many necklaces throughout the game that can be crafted and equipped. So rather than testing them all out and seeing which meshes with your play style the best, you can just check out the best of the best and save yourself the trouble.

10 Sarka

Sarka is definitely not the most powerful necklace out there, but its main effect can be reasonably helpful. When Sarka is equipped, it increases the potency of red magic. There are multiple different forms of magic in Forspoken, but the fire-based red magic is the best in terms of doing some major damage to enemies.

Red magic is more close-range than other types like purple magic, for example, so Sarka is a great necklace to have equipped if you’re not afraid to get up close and personal with your foes. You can find the Sarka necklace in the Ruins of Pagus.

9 Yavuz Gagnant

If you have lightning-quick reflexes and have mastered the art of counter, then the Yavuz Gagnant necklace could be a great piece of equipment to add to your arsenal. This necklace boosts Frey’s blue magic and freezes enemies if countered successfully.

Freezing an enemy can be great in combat as it gives Frey a little more time to chip away at their HP while they’re immobilized. The Yavus Gagnant necklace can be found hidden in a chest in Colline Village.

8 Oithur

The Oithur necklace reduces the amount of stamina that performing a precision counter costs Frey. Precision counters and already a handy tool to have in battle, but when they come at a cheaper cost, they’re even better.

In addition to that effect, the Oithur necklace also boosts Frey's health and magic stats, making it a very worthwhile necklace to collect. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it when you’re in the Ruins of Austur.

7 Troth

The Troth necklace has two unique abilities that work together to provide Frey with some great abilities. Firstly, when a killing blow is performed, the necklace increases Frey’s surge magic recharge rate.

The second ability activates when Frey’s surge magic is fully recharged, allowing her to knock enemies down easier. These two effects work perfectly together, making the Troth necklace a great option in battle. You will get the Troth necklace as a reward for completing the Locked Labyrinth: Depth detour.

6 Orison

Orison has poor stats, which render it pretty useless in the later game after you’ve collected some stronger necklaces. At the beginning of the game, however, it is one of the best necklaces to have equipped.

The Orison necklace allows Frey to regain health after killing an enemy. This is an absolutely priceless ability, especially during the start of the game when you may not have completely got the hang of combat yet. You will get this necklace as an award for completing Locked Labyrinth: East.

5 Sooth

The Sooth necklace has a range of different but equally valuable effects. It increases attack, surge, and support magic when Frey’s stamina bar is full. Its stats also break the 100 mark, making it one of the strongest in the game.

Since stamina is used when you attack, the Sooth’s main effect isn’t that valuable after you’ve made your first hit. But the amount that your health and magic are boosted when it’s equipped still makes it a great piece of equipment. If you like the sound of the Sooth necklace, you can get it after completing Locked Labyrinth: South.

4 Shrift

The Shrift necklace increases the damage Frey deals to enemies, but only if her surge magic bar isn’t full. This doesn’t hinder the necklace, however, since you are sure to be using surge magic in battle anyway.

Since you refill your surge magic by dealing blows to enemies, the Shrift necklace’s ability allows the bar to fill and enemies to die faster. It’s a win-win, really. Once you complete Locked Labyrinth: Mountain, you will get the Shrift necklace as a reward.

3 Tesourd De Athia

Tesourd de Athia is not for the faint of heart. It has incredible magical stats, some of the highest out of all the necklaces in the game, but its effects are quite conditional, which is why it loses out on one of the top spots.

The Tesourd de Athia is the perfect necklace if you have been honing your perfect counters — it electrocutes enemies when one of them is successfully performed. If perfect counters are part of your signature combat style, then this necklace is for you, but if not, then you would probably be better off with a lower-stat necklace with more applicable traits. You can find the Tesourd de Athia necklace in Fruegel Village, Visoria.

2 Balle Balle

The Balle Balle necklace has three absolutely epic traits. Firstly, it boosts Frey’s surge magical recharge rate when her HP is full. The second trait works in tandem with that effect, by healing her after she recovers from defenselessness. Balle Balle also increases Frey’s critical hit rate after she casts Frequency.

This is all on top of its main effect of increasing the strength of purple magic. If you would like to get your hands on the Balle Balle necklace, you will get it as a reward for clearing all the enemies in the Place of Prayer.

1 Home Sweet Hell

The Home Sweet Hell necklace is by far the strongest necklace in Forspoken. It has the highest magical stats, and its abilities are also extremely helpful in combat. Home Sweet Hell helps Frey recover from defenselessness quicker, and helps her deal stronger killing blows. Its best effect restores stamina while Frey is using attack magic while Parkouring.

Unlike other necklaces that are found or collected as rewards, the Home Sweet Hell necklace needs to be crafted. To make it, you will need to purchase the Sewing Kit from the Curiosity Shop in Astoria for 64 Old Coins. You will then need three Fluteblossoms, three Bumbershoots, and three Lucid Garlands to craft it.

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