Forspoken Is The Latest Game To Not Credit Its Localisation Team

Forspoken Is The Latest Game To Not Credit Its Localisation Team

Proper crediting has been a problem in games recently, with The Callisto Protocol omitting 20 devs, The Last of Us TV show neglecting to credit co-creator Bruce Straley, and Persona 3 and 4 failing to credit its translators. Forspoken has now joined that list, as it mostly names translator companies and subcontractors, rather than individual names.

This was pointed out by audiovisual and video game translator Yasmina Casado González, who recently worked on the Spanish localisation of Jurassic World Evolution 2. They tweeted, "In #Forspoken you can find monsters, magic, cool abilities… but no proper credits", attaching a photo of said credits.

The producer and project managers are listed, but rather than individual localisers appearing in the credits, there is a list of subcontractors such as Original Force, VOLTA, Dynamo Pictures, etc.

Localisation hasn't been properly credited, but neither has QA. In the credits, only the QA coordinator appears, with no list of individuals yet again. This was something @CWDGH also highlighted in a tweet, sharing another photo of the credits.

"This is just not acceptable. Countless people that have worked on #Forspoken have been snubbed in the credits," @CWDGH tweeted. "Three people mentioned for localization, one person for QA. Ridiculous. #TranslatorsInTheCredits… And this is followed by this wall of subcontractors. Proper crediting matters! What are the names of the actual people that worked for those contractors?"

#TranslatorInTheCredits has been cropping up more lately on Twitter as a means to share games that don't name those who worked on localisation, given that it has become such a common problem. This is usually accompanied by tags for the game and developer in a bid to raise awareness and try to get credits updated, and hopefully, Forspoken will see such an outcome.

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