Fortnite Devs Share Six Tips To Survive The Latest Season

Fortnite Devs Share Six Tips To Survive The Latest Season

Season 6 is in full swing, and Fortnite fans are noticing a lot of changes to their beloved island. New weapons and locations are just the tip of the iceberg, as you’ll also have to contend with violent new NPCs such as wolves and learn complex new crafting mechanics. Epic Games knows it might be difficult to wrap your head around all the updates, so it’s pulled together six tips to help you claim a Victory Royale.

Use The Cuddle Fish

Fortnite Season 6 introduced the Cuddle Fish – a deployable fish that acts as a proximity mine. The Fortnite devs said that learning how to properly use the deadly fish is key to your success, as it’ll allow you to ambush your enemies and move one step closer to first place.

Eat The Meat!

“Just like fish, the roaming Wildlife are an excellent resource for survival. Hunt them to get Meat,” said the Fortnite devs. “Keeping Meat in your inventory not only means you can consume it to quickly recover your HP, but you can also use it to lure predators towards your enemies.”

Crafting Is Critical

There are several unique weapons you can craft in Season 6, although the folks at Epic Games are partial to the Pump Shotgun, Shockwave Bow, and Stink Bomb Bow. They also offered up some advice on where to find elusive crafting components:

“Looking for quick access to Mechanical Parts? Stop by areas like Risky Reels or Retail Row and harvest parked cars. Animal Bones more your style? You can harvest Bones found in the environment, like the ones found at Primal Pond, for ingredients if no Wildlife are nearby.”

Explore The Spire

The Spire is one of the most interesting new locales you’ll want to explore, as it’s loaded with Animal Bones for crafting. It’s also a hot drop location – so be prepared for a fight.

Guardian Orbs Are Good

“Those who successfully deliver Guardian Orbs to The Spire will be rewarded for their bravery with a high-flying reward from the ancients,” said the team. ” Skilled players that grab an orb from the Guardian Towers can bring it back to The Spire to receive a Mythic Item: Jump Boots!”

Jump three times in a row with the boots and you’ll be sent spiraling into the clouds – giving you a chance to escape an overpowered foe or quickly move away from the storm.

Meet The New Characters

Trade-in your Bars to various NPCs to earn important crafting components. You can also talk with Bushranger to “disguise yourself as a Prop to fool your opponents.”

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