Fortnite downtime: Epic Games Fortnite servers shutting down for new update

Fortnite downtime: Epic Games Fortnite servers shutting down for new update

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Epic Games has announced that they will taking Fortnite servers down today to make for a new patch. The good news is that we know exactly when this will be happening and we also have the predicted time for how long downtime might last. The only issue that game servers will have to wait until everything is back online before they can start playing again.

From what has been shared so far, today’s Fortnite downtime will start at 9am BST, or 4am ET if you live in the United States.

During maintenance, the game’s servers will not be accessible and could stay like that for several hours.

The good news is that Epic Games rarely has to perform maintenance that lasts longer than an hour these days, so things could be back online quickly.

The official Epic Games server site does warn that today’s Fortnite downtime could last up to three hours.

This would mean that the latest everything could start again would be around midday in the UK.

A message from Epic Games adds: “Heads-up, heroes and villains! v14.30 is scheduled to release tomorrow, October 13. Downtime for the patch will begin at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC).”

There’s also a good chance that patch notes for today’s update will be shared by Epic Games, although there’s no guarantee when this might happen, or how much information will be included.

It should also be noted that server disruption is possible heading into maintenance, meaning you may see your character booted from live games up to 15 minutes before downtime starts.

Today’s Fortnite downtime will effect all platforms, including Mobile, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mac.

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