Fortnite: How Cosmic Chests Work

Fortnite: How Cosmic Chests Work

It’s clear that the new Fortnite season is all about aliens and a new type of chest has appeared on the island. There are aliens characters all over the Battle Pass, there is a giant spaceship hovering above the island, and there are alien AIs that use UFOs to abduct you and drop you somewhere else on the island.

Whoever purchases the Battle Pass will automatically receive the Kymera skin. The skin may look basic at first but there is much more to it than meets the eye. You can unlock dozens of customizable options for it.

Alien Unlockable Styles In Fortnite

There are actually more than 2,000 possible combinations for this skin. To unlock a style, you’ll have to spend Alien Artifacts, a new resource added in Season 7.

There are various ways to collect Alien Artifacts before the season ends and styles are permanently unlockable. We’ve already written a detailed guide on these bizarre artifacts if you’d like to learn more. But one way of getting more of these resources is by opening Cosmic Chests.

What are Cosmic Chests?

Cosmic Chests are a new type of special chest in Fortnite Battle Royale. They can only be found in duos, trios, or squads. More than one player is required to open them and that is why they aren’t available in solos.

Once you open them they’ll burst into a bunch of great items like shields, blue rarity (rare) weapons, and ammo. You can also receive experience points for opening them and, most importantly, Alien Artifacts. The game caps it at a maximum of 15 Alien Artifacts from Cosmic Chests per week.

How To Open Cosmic Chests

Although it’s not difficult to open Cosmic Chest, it’s not always easy either. It can be especially tough if there are other teams around since the chest’s location is displayed on the map for anyone nearby.

Gather Your Party

Firstly, all of your squad members need to be around since it’s require that all party members participate in opening the chest otherwise it won’t work. Once you’ve gotten close enough to it, a five-minute counter will start so you need to everyone to the location and open it before it counts down to zero.

Everyone Whack At It

After gathering everyone, you need to take turns whacking it with your pickaxe. The chest’s weak points will appear on its sides and each player needs to hit a different weak point.

Potential Issues

This actually takes a while since you need to do it multiple times. Plus, if you have a bigger squad, it becomes even more chaotic. Two of you might target the same weak point and then have to go around its perimeter to find the missing weak point. Their location will be random in a random face each round.

Be sure to communicate with your squad to make it easier so you can save time opening the chest. It usually takes one to two minutes to open them depending on the squad’s organization. Try to get as many Alien Artifacts as you can weekly so you can unlock all of Kymera’s style options.

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