Fortnite Players Can Now Defeat Darth Vader To Wield His Lightsaber

Fortnite Players Can Now Defeat Darth Vader To Wield His Lightsaber

Fortnite season three launched earlier this month, introducing Indiana Jones and Darth Vader to the game. Vader is a big deal, especially right now thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and was made to feel as such during the new season's trailer. However, the Sith Lord hasn't felt like that big a deal in Fortnite since then. That's all changed as Vader now poses a very big threat to everyone going about their Fortnite business.

The 21.10 patch is now live, and with it comes an NPC version of Darth Vader who will appear in every single regular round of Fortnite with Stormtroopers in tow moving forward (via Gamespot). As you may have already guessed, Vader isn't your typical NPC. Don't approach him and ask for a quest. He'll just strike you down with his iconic red lightsaber as soon as he sees you.

Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers will spawn in a different location in every match. While you might think avoiding cinema's most iconic villain is your best course of action, there are some big rewards on offer to anyone who can bring Vader down. Most notably that aforementioned lightsaber. This one is even better than the weapons of the same name that have been introduced to the game before. Not just because you'll be the only one who has one, but also because you'll be able to throw it.

Even if you don't manage to take down the big bad should you happen upon him, there are still big rewards on offer for at least trying. The E-11 Blaster has also returned to the game and will be dropped by Stormtroopers when eliminated. They might also appear in Imperial Chests which will spawn in the same area as Darth Vader does in each round.

This is shaping up to be a pretty big week for Fortnite and its endless stream of crossovers. As well as giving players a Darth Vader to battle, its Naruto Rivals event has officially begun. The second collab with Naruto will introduce four more characters to Fortnite later this week, and some of the accompanying cosmetics are available to earn by completing quests right now.

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