Fortnite shop update and server downtime news latest from Epic Games

Fortnite shop update and server downtime news latest from Epic Games

A new Fortnite shop update has been released tonight by Epic Games before the game’s next update.

Gamers can now head over to the Fortnite Shop and purchase the Battle Rites Set.

As this is a full set, there is more to choose from than just new skins and outfits.

There is the Batso Glider for 800 V-Bucks, the Foul Play Rare Pickaxes for the same price, and the new Callisto and Asmodeus outfits.

Both skins are new and cost 1,200 V-Bucks to buy from the Fortnite Shop.

There are also a few returning items that can be bought from the Shop tonight.

This includes the Epic ranked Esther skin, Peely Pick, T-Pose and Electro-fied music.

This new update has been made to the shop before the launch of today’s game patch.

This is scheduled to go live at around 9am in the UK and will mean downtime for servers.

An official post from Epic Games confirms: “A refreshing new beverage arrives in the v9.30 update tomorrow, June 18. It’ll hit the spot!”

Taking the game offline will mean that most of the core Fortnite Battle Royale features will not be available.

The good news is that Epic Games has not warned that today’s update is bigger than usual, meaning an average amount of downtime for servers.

While the new item remains a mystery, fans are speculating that Epic is getting ready to add Peely Juice, or a Peely Smoothy/Punch to the game.

It’s believed that the new Peely-themed beverage will replace Slurp Juice, meaning that the shield consumable will be vaulted.

According to the early patch notes, Epic Games will also make some crucial fixes to the Battle Royale experience.

One problem that will be fixed in the next release is the issue of Traps not appearing for all players.

“Traps sometimes rise into structures’ ceilings and therefore cannot be seen by players,” Epic explains.

Today’s Fortnite update is also expected to include other tweaks and changes, as well as new skins for the game.

These are usually added through weekly updates and are leaked regularly by data miners afterwards.

Most of these skins are then released via the Fortnite Item Shop over the coming days and weeks.

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